Saturday, March 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Ah Gong [PICS]

It is that time of the year again for Ah Gong to relish the precious moments he will be sharing with his grandchildren-birthday. We traveled back to our second home just to celebrate this important day with my father-in-law. In fact, both Jordan and Jasmine were looking forward to celebrating their grandpa's birthday. So much so that they actually talked about it days (or even weeks) before our departure. I guess they missed their Ah Gong a lot. :)

Jordan boy's face when he is hungry... :p

And what is the most important event when we celebrate a birthday? Makan of course! After our 7 hours journey from South to North, we were anticipating for a scrumptious reunion dinner that night. True enough we headed to our favourite foodie hangout at Pokok Assam called Kedai Makanan Hong Yun. This special al fresco eatery is situated just next to a temple, so you can easily locate it if you are in the area. :)

It's time to dig in! :D

By the time we arrived at our destination, the restaurant was already brimming with hungry patrons, eagerly waiting for their platters to be served. We hurriedly bolted to an empty table and placed our orders. Otherwise...we might need to wait for a very long time before we could sample our dinner. Ha :D Then again it should be alright, as the service in this restaurant is excellently swift.

Awwww.....Marmite Chicken!

After around 10 minutes, dinner was served...let's dig in of course. No dinner with my father-in-law is complete without fish. We had crispy stir-fried fish with soya sauce. Wifey ordered my favourite Marmite Chicken which was ouh-so-heavenly! I believe all of us enjoyed this dish and it blends really, really well with rice. Yum! Yum! We also had claypot mixed-vegetables with mushrooms which I thought was equally delectable especially the savoury, smooth broth. And in order to have a balanced meal, we had to order vegetables right? :p

No dinner is complete without chilly and garlic. :)

All in all, the dinner was really satisfying. I always enjoy dining in Taiping as the Chinese food in this City of Rain is really, really luscious. My father-in-law was of course very delighted to enjoy his special birthday dinner with us as well especially his two daughters and two naughty grandkids. LOL :D Nothing beats eating your favourite food with your beloved ones right? After our heavy dinner, we went for a stroll to help us with our digestion. :)

Grandpa holding his two dearest gifts. :D

Happy Birthday Ah Gong