Monday, March 27, 2017

Jordan & Jasmine First Art Class

Both Jordan and Jasmine are quite grown up right now as the former is 7 years old while the latter is turning 6 this year. Yesterday both of them had their very first official, full-fledged art class. I told them that we were going to learn how to draw a house. They were elated to learn that they were going to learn how to draw and colour from their art teacher for the day-me. Ha :D

First, you need to draw the roof which is supposed to be a triangle. :D

Surprisingly both were very eager right off the bat. Properly seated with graphite in their tiny hands, Jordan and Jasmine were listening attentively to me while I showed off how they could draw a beautiful home. A~hem. I started by drawing the roof on the whiteboard. It was a triangle. So step-by-step, I guided both my excited kids to draw. After that it was the rectangular "walls", door, windows so on and so forth. :)

Ok. You guys must pay attention in class. :p

After around 40 minutes, we had finally done sketching our beautiful home together with an enormous tree, flowers and of course the 5 most important people who make a house a home. They did need to follow to my instructions strictly when it came to certain drawings like the roof and the door, but I did give them more freedom while doodling other "beings" like the inhabitants, billowing smoke, flowers, just to name a few. Ha :D

This was what they were supposed to draw.

OK. Not bad at all huh both of you. LOL :D

Then it was time to breathe life into our home, the tree, flowers and the people who live it in of course; It was the time to colour our drawings. Hmm...I honestly reckon this was the tough part. Yours truly me guided them on how to blend colours together so that their drawings can look better and I think they have nailed it. Almost. Ha :D They were taught about which part to be shaded with darker colours etc. I was impressed that they could actually follow what I was babbling about.

Now let's colour our home. :)

All in all we spent 3 hours together trying to apply all the finishing touches to get our drawings done. Both Jordan and Jasmine did well to sit still to draw and colour, let alone completing their colouring. I am really happy and proud to see them enjoying themselves in their art class. Ha :D They told me that they want to draw and colour again the following week. Let's see then. :p

The results of our very first official art class. :D