Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Daddy @ PappaRich [2015]

Time flies and another year has gone...and last week we celebrated my beloved daddy's birthday. The wrinkles around his eyes and the creases on his forehead show how he has aged. So on his birthday, wifey, our 2 babies and I brought our Papa to Pappa Rich for his birthday dinner. Ha :D Usually we will bring daddy to a cafe for dinner because (sometimes) he is a picky eater. :p Initially we wanted to have our dinner at old BUT...Old Town is really lousy place to dine in right now (terrible food), hence we decided to give daddy a feast at Pappa Rich instead.

 photo 01 Happy Birthday Daddy  PappaRich 2015_zpsduhiujua.jpg
It's your big day daddy. :)

I personally love Pappa Rich a lot because of the conducive environment which exudes such a calming ambiance that makes us feel right at home. When we arrived at its doorstep, there was no other customer...maybe because of its price? Though the food and beverage can be slightly pricier, I don't really mind because the food that Pappa Rich serves is really scrumptious and the portion is quite big. Yep! So you don't feel like you are being short-changed while dining here. Period.

 photo 02 Happy Birthday Daddy  PappaRich 2015_zpsndnsqfmt.jpg
While waiting for our food.

 photo 03 Happy Birthday Daddy  PappaRich 2015_zpsfwnnczbu.jpg
Wifey and Jasmine girl.

Both Daddy and wifey ordered Nasi Lemak With Curry Chicken while I chose to try their chicken rice. Just look at the chili sambal that we were served. Not only was the sambal tasty, PappaRich was also very generous by giving us a lot of sambal (something that Old Town has failed terribly). Likewise my Chicken Rice was really good as well. Just like the curry chicken, the flesh of the "white" chicken was really tender and juicy, something that a lot of similar cafes (Old Town :/) couldn't really offer. The bean sprouts were crunchily toothsome with a hint of saltiness which I really like. To top it off, the chili paste that comes with the chicken rice was really appetizing which made everything that shoved into my mouth tasted so much more delectable. Ha :D

 photo 04 Happy Birthday Daddy  PappaRich 2015_zpsfrtiykub.jpg
Nasi Lemak with curry chicken.

 photo 06 Happy Birthday Daddy  PappaRich 2015 Chicken Rice_zpsrekpejpk.jpg
Chicken Rice with Bean Sprouts.

So what did our two rambunctious babies had for their dinner? Besides sharing our Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice, we ordered steamed bread and Pappa Naan. This Pappa Naan with curry sauce is really a must have when you patronize Pappa Rich. The Ouh-so-creamy curry sauce really brings out the best in the texture of fluffy naan. Every bite will leave you satisfied and your taste buds gratified (Wow...it rhymes). All in all, we enjoyed our dinner and my Daddy certainly had a great birthday feast to say the least. :)

 photo 05 Happy Birthday Daddy  PappaRich 2015 Pappa Naan_zpsqqxdvjfx.jpg
Pappa Naan-highly recommended.

 photo 07 appy Birthday Daddy  PappaRich 2015 Stim Bread_zpslepp8gf5.jpg

 photo 08 Happy Birthday Daddy  PappaRich 2015_zps7ear65ge.jpg
Let's makan. :)

What birthday would be complete without a cake right? My daddy was grinning from ear to ear the moment we took out his birthday cake. More importantly Daddy was happy because his two little grandchildren were beside him to sing his birthday cake as well. Perhaps his two boisterous grandkids are the best birthday gift I could give him every year as a son. LOL We bought tiramisu cake for daddy. I think the cake looked rather special because on top of it was a cup with overflowing coffee...or maybe chocolate. :)

 photo 09 Birthday Cake Daddy_zpsyezsjsbk.jpg
Daddy's Tiramisu cake.

 photo 10 Birthday Cake Daddy_zpslanpol1p.jpg
Ok~it's time to switch off the lights.

 photo 11 Birthday Cake Daddy_zpsxkg9ar22.jpg
Happy birthday to you~Happy birthday to you. :)

 photo 13 Birthday Cake Grandpa_zps3xpdkkoz.jpg
Let's blow the candle.

 photo 14 Birthday Cake Grandpa_zps04mlh4xj.jpg
Happy Birthday daddy.

Last but not least was my father's birthday gift. However we didn't give my daddy his birthday gift immediately after eating his cake. Therefore my daddy assumed that there would be no gift for him. After all we had treated him to a hearty birthday dinner and then presented him with a birthday cake. Ha ;D When he was no suspecting anything (notice that he was wearing his normal shirt), out came a small gift. Daddy of course happily received it and started to unwrap his birthday gift. So what did he receive for his birthday?

 photo 15 Opening Birthday Gift_zpstxfgkgk0.jpg
Daddy excitedly unwrapping his birthday gift.

 photo 16 Opening Birthday Gift_zps99h8f5tv.jpg
What do you think is inside of this white wrapper?

 photo 17 Zenfone C Birthday Gift_zpsepw2zj8k.jpg
A new smartphone for you daddy.

 photo 18 Zenfone C Birthday Gift Asus_zpspsz2nirb.jpg

 photo 19 Birthday Gift Asus Zenfone C_zpslggiccyu.jpg

Happy Birthday Daddy! Hopefully you will enjoy using this new smartphone of yours. I love you daddy and I know you love me a lot as well. You will always be my hero. Muack :-X