Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Honey Lemon Juice For Cough & Phelgm

The rather erratic weather has taken a toll on everyone including me. A lot of us (in Malaysia) are suffering from coughs and at times phlegm. Perhaps I was too exhausted and that's why I was caught off guard by those nasty germs that took me down with some bad coughs. It appears that over the counter drug is no longer effective in combating these normal diseases such as cough. I guess It is time for us to return to mother nature to seek for her help? After scouring the Internet for remedies, I have finally found a concoction that I can stomach. Ha :D

 photo 01 Honey Lemon Juice For Cough amp Phelgm_zps7sdyfbps.jpg
Let's make honey lemon juice.

I am sure you have drunk Honey Lemon juice before in cafe or restaurant right? But do you know that these two seemingly normal ingredients are very, very effective in helping us to cure certain diseases? Let's talk about honey first shall we? Firstly honey has been proven to be effective to help reduce coughing. In fact honey has be found to be a rich demulcent that can help to relieve irritation and inflammation. So in other words, honey can help to provide a soothing layer to coat the irritated throat. Apart from that, honey also possesses powerful antibacterial ability that can help counter cough which is caused by bacteria infection. By the way, please make sure that you honey is organic and sugar-free. :)

 photo Honey Lemon Juice For Cough amp Phelgm Pure Honey_zpseeezjazh.jpg
Must be pure honey ok. :D

Lemon is yet another excellent fruit which we often take for granted. Just like honey, lemon contains antibacterial properties as well and this makes it a potent ingredient to fight against bacterial illnesses. Moreover, the vitamin C that is packed inside of this mighty citrus can boost our immune system to boost our immune system. Interestingly, the juice extracted from lemon can help to loosen those sickening mucous and phlegm. I tried and it worked like (almost) magic. So if you have cough and phlegm, you might want to try lemon. :)

 photo 02 Honey Lemon Juice For Cough amp Phelgm_zpstc9yivi3.jpg
It is said that if you soak your lemon in hot water for an hour,
you will be able to "milk out" more lemon juice.

 photo 03 Honey Lemon Juice For Cough amp Phelgm_zps0jdrag3f.jpg
Let's extract the juice...

 photo 04 Honey Lemon Juice For Cough amp Phelgm_zpszmxyjumx.jpg

 photo 05 Honey Lemon Juice For Cough amp Phelgm_zpsn12ul0kw.jpg
Eww...I can already feel how sour it is...

 photo 06 Honey Lemon Juice For Cough amp Phelgm_zpsuwlu1xwf.jpg

 photo 07 Honey Lemon Juice For Cough amp Phelgm_zpslayetajw.jpg
Add some water and a spoon of organic honey.
Do make sure that your spoon is not made of metal or else the honey will oxidized.

I hope both these natural remedies of honey and lemon can help to reduce your cough and phlegm folks. After all too much over-the-counter medicine is not good for our health right? Over-dependence on drugs might  even aggravate the situation besides ruining our internal organs. Hence it makes perfect sense in the long run to rely on Mother Nature to cure us. Enjoy your honey lemon juice folks. :)

 photo 08 Honey Lemon Juice For Cough amp Phelgm_zpsejsysiu8.jpg
Drink this honey lemon concoction a few times a day and you will feel much better soon. :)