Saturday, April 4, 2015

Vietnamese Girl Crying Beside Her Dead COOKED Dog

My heart wrenched upon knowing what had happened to this Vietnamese Girl. She was beside her dead dog, weeping terribly. So what had happened? It was believed that the little girl's poor dog had been slaughtered to be cooked at a meat stall. Apparently the 5 years old from Northern Vietnam had been looking for her missing dog that she called "Flower" for a few days. The little girl had raised the dog for 3 years and was truly devastated when her companion was suddenly missing.

 photo 01 Vietnamese Girl Crying Beside Her Dead COOKED Dog_zpswyxryymg.jpg
Poor little girl with her dead dog...

So one day when the 5 years old passed by a local dog meat stall, she immediately recognized her cooked dog which was lying on the street...waiting to be cut into portions? "That's Flower," cried the girl while rushing over to the dog which had been cooked. God...look at the little Vietnamese girl in the picture...she was crying very heart-brokenly and she was placing her hand on her dead dog...that goes to show how close she was with her pet dog. The dog has been with her since she was 2 years old and now it is gone... :'(

 photo 02 Vietnamese Girl Crying Beside Her Dead COOKED Dog_zps0m7eur8d.jpg
7 tonnes of live dogs are killed in Hanoi every day...

Imagine someone who are really close to you suddenly go missing and a few days later you find them would you feel? Haih...why do some Vietnamese still want to eat dog meat? I understand it is the Vietnamese culture and they even serve dogs in a beer festival. Do you know that a staggering 7 tonnes of live dogs are shipped to Vietnam's capitol Hanoi every day! WHY...WHY can't they just eat something else? They can still eat chicken of fishes? Why dogs? Don't they know that dogs are men's best friends?

 photo 03 Vietnamese Girl Crying Beside Her Dead COOKED Dog_zpsqilcs04s.jpg
Dogs are always around to help us humans...

It sickens and disgusts me to know that some human still feed on dogs which are the most loyal creatures in this world. Sure...some critics and those dog eaters will claim we are eating other animals as well so it makes no difference. NO! It is different! Dogs are very loyal to humans and they will give their all to love their human companions and even risk their own lives to keep their human friends safe. SO WE SHOULD NOT EAT DOGS!!!

 photo 04 Vietnamese Girl Crying Beside Her Dead COOKED Dog_zps53c9a5a2.jpg
Dogs are our best friends!