Monday, July 2, 2012

Dogs Are Served In Beer Festival In Vietnam

There used to be quite a lot of dogs roaming around in my neighborhood. However their numbers have been dwindling rapidly recently. So some time ago my neighbours and I were chatting and we talked about the mysterious dissapearance of dogs and puppies. One of my neighbours said that one night he heard the sound of puppies crying. He looked though the window and saw a few Vietnamese (who were foreign workers here) holding a few helpless puppies. Whose puppies do you think they belong to? Won't the mother of the puppies be heart-broken? So what do you think had happened to the poor puppies?

Beer Festival In Hanoi, Vietnam.

It is a fact that most Vietnamese love to eat dogs! So it won't surprise me if the missing dogs in my neighbourhood had ended up in their cooking pot. They even have a beer festival back in Vietnam where they serve beer (of course) and lots of DOGS! If you are a dog lover, you would be shocked to see how those dogs were served. I wonder if there are still dogs left in Vietnam knowing that almost all should have been eaten. So China is not the only country where dogs are butchered and eaten. :'(

Vietnamese happily enjoying their beer and...


Why do dogs have to end up on our dining table?


All smiles: They seemed to be enjoying their beer and dogs to the max. :'(

I admit that I am not any better compared to these cruel, cold-blooded dog eaters. I do eat chickens, pigs and fishes. However I still think that eating man's best friend is one really unforgivable heinous crime! They are the world's most loyal being-risking their very lives to save ours when we are in danger; They guard our homes to keep us safe; They make us able again when we cannot move around at will; They are always by our sides even after we are gone. So the thought and sight of these Vietnamese devouring them with glasses if beer really irks me. :'( Then again who am I to criticize my own kind?

Shouldn't man's best friend-dogs, deserve better than this?

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