Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers

It appears that nothing can stop the people from the republic of China huh. They are even able to build copy Transformers from scratch using scrap metals. Based on instruction manuals found on the internet, father and son in China have built gargantuan replicas of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime using unwanted metals. They surely make it sound easy huh. Both of them started to build these robots after the premier of the 4th Transformers-Age of Extinction.

 photo 01 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpszaauqjbj.jpg
Bumblebee and Optimus Prime meet their creators....the farmers...

 photo 02 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpsozl7bmas.jpg
Wow...these transformers are really huge.

The father Yu Zhilin and his son-Yu Lingyun are actually normal peasant farmers. However looks can be deceiving right? Who would have thought that farmers can actually build Michael Bay's toys aye? Nope I am not discriminating farmers. :( The "main ingredients" for their transformers are actually sourced from a small makeshift factory in Hengyang that houses pieces of disused cars. So this goes to show that they are, really resourceful huh.

 photo 03 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpseslxstkv.jpg
So those transformers are actually thrash?

 photo 04 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpsvetaik8k.jpg
Recycling is good aye.

 photo 05 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpsmgrsh5fl.jpg
Good craftsmanship.

However...they are both not in this just for the sake of their pastime. They are actually making a lot of money building robots. In fact they are part of a growing trend in China where "inventors" build exact copies of prominent movies characters to be sold for thousands of dollar. Take this: They sold their last lots of robots for a staggering US$160,00. Very impressive considering their source of materials are pretty cheap.

 photo 08 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpslbevucn8.jpg
I wonder who is this...

 photo 06 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpsafkpdse8.jpg
This is the ancient robot from the second movie?

 photo 07 Scrap Metal Transformers Built By Farmers_zpsopaxdyhe.jpg
Now you can see Prime...

So the Chinese can really copy everything that they want huh. Opps....I mean replicate. That's a better word to use. But I honestly like their Bumblebee. It's very strikingly similar to the real Bee. :) So one man's trash, is another man's treasure huh. Who would have thought right? I guess they would be mass producing a lot of autobots and decepticons. :p