Friday, March 20, 2015

Jasmine Girl Singing Taylor Swift's Shake It Off [VIDEO]

Some time ago I actually wrote about Taylor Swift's Shake It Off and my Jasmine girl saw me playing the video. After tuning to the song once, my 3 years old daughter couldn't stop listening to it already. Every day she will insist that I play her the video once or twice the moment I power on my laptop. Jasmine is kinda addicted to Shake It Off right now. However that goes to show how catchy and infectious the song is huh. So much so that almost everyone is grooving to Taylor's hit!

 photo 01 Jasmine Girl Singing Taylor Swifts Shake It Off VIDEO_zpsjznnj4k7.jpg

 photo 02 Jasmine Girl Singing Taylor Swifts Shake It Off VIDEO_zpsrjmcrsad.jpg

In fact little Jasmine will sing (TRY to sing) or hum Shake It Off whenever she feels like doing it. She will sing it when we are in the car; She will sing and dance when we are at home; She will shout it out loud when we are out shopping or she will whisper it before she sleeps. Haha :D Even though she can't really sing the song...she could only sing a few words correctly like "Shake It Off"...other than that, she just "hentam" (simply sing) the song her way. long as she enjoys the song right?

So how do you sing this song Jasmine girl?

So what do you think about Jasmine's singing? Ha :D It is virtually incomprehensible right? Well...she needs to hone her vocabulary alright. As long as she loves it, who cares right? In fact, we find her singing and antics very, very entertaining or amusing if you like. I hope she will laugh at this video of hers when she grows up. LOL But right now my wife and I know that it is really difficult for her to shake this song off her head. Ha :D