Friday, January 9, 2015

We Need A Noah's Ark?

They say everything happens for a reason...or so for those believe in logic. Then again love cupids will always reiterate their mantra that "you do not need a reason to love" or for anything else...However for those whose lives have been shattered by probably one of the worst floods in Malaysia are demanding for answers-reasons, why they are being punished? They are yearning to know why GOD-who they worship every single day, is abandoning at these trying moments!

 photo MalaysiaNoahsArk_zps3b8a3e9f.jpg
It is the beginning of the end of the world?

Some say it is because of the changing climate which is the cumulative results of human's greed; Some people in Malaysia argue that deforestation (like the felling of trees in Cameron Highlands) is causing this worsening flood; There are a few "enlighten" ones claimed that God is sick of us and He/She wants to torture us in order to save humankind. And of course there are a few even more forward-looking folks who believed that this flood is a clear indication that we need to change our...government! Sounds quite plausible huh!

 photo NoahsArk_zps7f650dd0.jpg
Is this temporary?

Truth is...the flood has really plundered the victims of their houses, robbed them of their money, pets, loved ones and most importantly HOPE...No disrespect to any religion...but we cannot sit down and think that this flood is our fate and we should accept it with arms wide open. There must be a reason and I believe if we look at the mirror we would know that we are the answers to it...I am not understating the plight of the people who are victims of flood...but I honestly feel something has to be done...So it's time to "build Noah's Ark"?