Saturday, January 10, 2015

Delectable Chilled Cafe Latte From Farm Fresh

Nothing beats a cold, chilled drink in this hot, sweltering weather, especially if it is coffee. Last year I have stumbled upon one very delectable coffee which is produced by Farm Fresh-Cafe Latte and it has been my favourite ever since. I have drunk a few different lattes from different cafes but none has really stuck in my taste buds as long as this one. Perhaps it is one of the best instant coffee that you can get off the shelf right now.

 photo 01CafeLatteFromFarmFresh_zpse61b7af2.jpg
My current coffee crave

Cafe Latte basically means milk coffee and the one that Farm Fresh make is a combination of espresso (double dose) and fresh steamed milk. This Cafe Latte from Farm Fresh not only exudes irresistible aroma, but also packs a creamy blend that will linger in your mouth for hours. I have tried a few mugs of different lattes in Coffee Bean and Starbucks but none could offer me the same sensation that this little wonder from Farm Fresh could. Perhaps it is because I can enjoy it at the comfort of my own home?

 photo 02CafeLatteFromFarmFresh_zpsa60780fe.jpg

 photo 03CafeLatteFromFarmFresh_zps8cc4cf9a.jpg

 photo 04CafeLatteFromFarmFresh_zps824fd3c4.jpg
Let's drink.

Besides there is no preservatives or stabilizer in this latte. So have any of you folks tried this Cafe Latte from Farm Fresh before? You can get it at all major retail stores such as Jusco, Tesco and Giant. However it is really, really, REALLY difficult to get your hands onto one of this coffee. You can consider yourself lucky if you happen to find one in your next shopping trip. Perhaps that is why I love it even more huh~its rarity have really enhance its reputation and even its taste I reckon. :p

 photo 05CafeLatteFromFarmFresh_zps9941f1c9.jpg
Must savour every single drop of it. :D