Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015: A Brand New Year To Shave Things Up

Ok, I guess by now "tonnes" of you folks out there have already made up your mind about how you are going to spend your time writing your 365 pages of new book, right? As usual...yours truly me has been rather slow at this partly because I am too busy and and tired lazy to iron thins out. Hopefully this brand new year of 2015 will be one that I could "shave" things up a bit. The following are my relatively new, same old new year's resolutions. Ha :D

 photo TekkausShave01_zpsc6744571.jpg
Let's Shave Things "Up"!

1~Stay Healthy: Physically, mentally and emotionally. 2014 had been really, really tough for me. Physically my demanding life has really exhausted me to the max. Trying to do too many things at the same time almost got the better of me. I am glad that I have tided through; Mentally, trying to cope with my Master Study can be quite an uphill battle from time to time...especially when your exam happens to be on the same day as your project submission dateline. As for the emotional part...well...I need to train my EQ to be higher that it already is.

2~Shave Off The Fat: Yeah...I have become FAT! Prioritizing other more important agendas has robbed me of my fitness. Gone are the days that I play basketball or futsal at least twice or thrice weekly. Now I can hardly muster any time or energy for one day of exercise every week. My bulging tummy and expanding waistline are terrible sights to behold in front of the mirror...not to mention my trousers are screaming in pain when I stuff myself into them. T_T I wanna be my mean (as in lean) old self again.

3~First Thing First: I guess I have dug some many holes for myself last year because of my inability to "prioritize"? Correction. I am good at's just that I am giving my attention to stuff that don't require that privileges of mine. Hmm...then again this is quite subjective right? I have to keep on reminding myself  that what I want is not usually what I need. So I will be able to use my time more efficiently then (hopefully).

4~To Thank My Bosses: Honestly...I wouldn't say that I am a very, very excellent kinda of employee (good but maybe not as good as I want to be). It is sad to say that at times I do feel that my reputations precedes my true "self". I must have been looked after my loving guardian angels all the time huh. Hereby I wanna express my gratitude and repay the trust that my bosses have been giving me. I will work even harder this year! Hiyeak!

5~Blog More Often: It is really humiliating to note that I am like abandoning this blog of mine. I feel sorry for my poor blog who has not been receiving the attention and affection that it deserves. In fact, my blog has shown that it is a faithful servant (providing me decent side income) even though I have been neglecting it. *sob sob* I will try my best to spend more time with you ok my blog.

6~Save More Money: I am glad that with regards with this money thingy, I have been relatively good at it, for now. Besides some good remuneration adjustment, blogging and my other side incomes have also allowed me to save a lot in 2014. I hope to continue this happy habit of mine. Apart from that, I also wish that I can somehow think of more ways to diversify my earnings. Hmm...

7~Be A Better Family Man: Of course all my earlier 5 new year's resolutions are here to serve one purpose: so that I can love my family even more and treat them as good as I can. I wanna spend as much time as possible with my beloved wifey, 2 darling babies and my dear father. I want to shower them with all the love that I have because they are my everything. I would also want to thank my wife who has been the pillar of my life. :)

 photo TekkausShave03_zpscc7511cf.jpg
See~I am clean. :D

Ok...7 new year's resolutions for me this year. Looks pretty easy and achievable...if I am not slacking around. Haha :D Anyway I hope I can achieve all of them this year. How about you guys? Have you determine what you wanna do this year? If not it's time to start. It is always easier to go to your destination if you know where you are heading. Have a great year ahead of you everyone.