Monday, December 29, 2014

Scion AV-Innovation Through Art

Ever thought of wanting to be an artist? A singer? Sometimes you can't help but feel that your dreams are like too far away especially if you (feel that you) are not talented enough and that you will never be appreciated by the "Big Guys"! However there are these few awesome guys behind  Scion AV who really value creativity and talent a lot, so much so that Scion AV have supported an unbelievable 2,246 musical artists so far! More astonishingly they have been doing so faithfully for the pass 10 years! Now that's what we call~love for the music!

 photo ScionAVInfographic_zps07302436.jpeg

Scion AV or Audio Visual has always strove to innovate the music industry by supporting indie music! Besides interviewing 582 artists, Scion AV has produced 121 music videos. In other words, Scion AV are like the people's Champion who always looks after aspiring musicians who want to fulfill their destiny. Apart from helping underground music to find their footing, Scion AV has also supported tours and special events, created film documentaries, curated art installations and even published a few zines. Not bad at all right?

Let's find out how Scion AV has been supporting Indie Music!
AV Infographic
Presented By Scion

Let's listen to Steve Aoki's Born To Get Wild

By the way, Scion AV is actually a brainchild of Toyota Motor Sales (USA) *gasp*. Wow! Who says a car company doesn't care about music? Anyway we are glad that the people from Toyota take care of the less-privileged musicians! Long live music! :)