Thursday, December 11, 2014

7 Mystifying Caves That Will Take Your Breath Away

Before we even venture into the magical caves...what is a cave in the first place? So what comes to your mind the moment someone mention  the word "cave"? Caveman? Or you will be thinking about the Croods (an awesome animation)? According to A~hem (clearing of throat) Wikipedia, a cave is a hollow place in the ground, especially natural underground space large enough for a human to enter. So today we are going to look at caves that you and I can enter and marvel at.

 photo Skaftafell-ice-cave-22_zps928e1447.jpg
1# Ice Cave, Skatefall, Iceland

This Ice Cave is situated in a secluded, preserved area in Öræfi, southeast of Iceland. You will be amazed the moment you enter this cave marveling the ebbs on flows on the cave. Conjured from ice coming down from the mountainside for hundreds of years, the mystifying icy cave's highly pressurized glacier contains almost no bubbles at all. This means that the ice reflects almost all of the light, allowing only some shades of blue to pass through. Hmm...I wonder if Elsa had her inspiration from this Ice Cave.

 photo fingals-cave-scotland_zpsf008095c.jpg
2# Fingal's Cave, Scotland

Located on an uninhibited island of Staffa, Fingal's cave is unique for its rather artistic patterns that are etched along the walls. The unusual patterns appear to be like carvings and sculptures to me. An art installation by "someone" perhaps? However the hexagonal columns are actually naturally formed in such a way thanks to solidified lava. Then again this reminds me of a scene from Alien versus Predators...that's why this island is uninhibited, no?

 photo reed_flute_cave_guilin_china_01_zps26cae22d.jpg
3# Red Flute Cave

Arguably one of the most incredible attractions in China, this natural limestone show in Guilin, Guangxi boast magical display reminiscent of the beautiful caves that you usually see in CGI movies.This magnificent cave has been around for a staggering 180 million years. Besides being a sight to behold, this cave can actually make music....literally! It is dubbed the Red Flute Cave because there is a type of reed that grows just outside the cave that is commonly used to make musical caves. I imagine those world famous ancient composers used to dwell in this cave to source for their "Ommph"!

 photo three-bridges-cave-baatara-gorge-waterfall-lebanon-3_zps3d305612.jpg
4# The Cave of Three Bridges, Tannourinne, Lebanon

Ok. Perhaps this cave is not like the above 3 caves that we have seen, but it still hold its own turf by being really breathtaking. Secondly this does look like a modified scene from Avatar right? The constant force of the Baatara George Waterfall has caused the formation of a series of bridges and tunnels in this open air cave. Why I can't see any Ikran flying around?

 photo Antelope-canyon-arizona-2-XL_zpsd30f8f2d.jpg
5# Antelope Canyon, USA

Picasso might have used vibrant hues to colour this beautiful canyon. Sitting just outside of Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon which sits on Navajo land makes one feel like you are standing right in a huge canvas. Well, instead of Picasso whipping his huge brush to paint this masterpiece, this unique appearance of Antelope Canyon was caused by mass flooding which eroded the Navaja Sandstone. Really, really beautiful right?

 photo crystal-cave-615_zps26cae22d.jpg
6# Crystals Cave, Chihuahua, Mexico

Inside this magical cave, you will find the world's largest natural crystals. How large? is 39 feet in length and 13 feet wide, and it weighs a whopping 55 tonnes! This crystals cave which is attached to Naica Mine is very, very hot. Perhaps it is because of the energy exuded by those crystals? Without proper gears, you can only be in the cave for not more than 10 minutes at one time. That is also inscriptions dating back to 792 AD...perhaps aliens used to roam here? Or Clark Kent?

 photo glowworm-caves-waitom-36_zps1c9c39b0.jpg
7# Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

Perhaps this is the most magical cave of all. Situated on the North of North Island, New Zealand, this amazing cave is home to a unique species of worms that is ingenious to this island. They are tiny (smaller than a mosquito) but together, in symphony, these glowworms create a beautiful orchestra of lights. Their bioluminescence will light up the dark for you in spectacle that you will never forget! It's like admiring fireflies but only better. :)

 photo sanctum-5298358bdfb8c_zps262609b8.jpg
Perhaps this should be in my bucket list!

There you have it folks. 7 of the most mystifying beautiful caves in the world. I wish one day I would be able to go to all of these 7 caves with my wife and babies. However I have one cave that I really love and that is the underwater cave in Nullarbor Plain like that one we witnessed in James Cameron's Sanctum. Beautiful it might, this underwater cave does send chills down my spine! Have any of you visited any of the 7 caves in this post?