Monday, August 11, 2014

What Should You Offer To Hungry Ghosts?

It's the Hungry Ghost Month again, and it is the time for believers (like me) to appease those "hungry" ghosts who have just been released. Then again it would be rude just to call them hungry ghost all the time right? Perhaps they are not hungry at all? But the Hungry Ghost Month is the time when these "people" from the underworld are granted access to our realm. In other words, they are officially entitled to roam around us without any inhibition.

 photo 01HungryGhostsOfferings_zps9ea5e7c2.jpg
They have returned...

Meaning to say, this is the time some ghosts are able to return to their homes to pay their loved ones a visit. It's actually a very, quite heart-warming moment if you were to ask me. If I were to be a ghost, this would be the perfect opportunity for me to go back home to see faces I have been yearning to have a glimpse.'s not a bad month after all, right? So are you ready to welcome your beloved ones who have crossed over to the other side? It would be awesome if we could coexist with them right? Think Harry Porter.

 photo 02HungryGhostsOfferings_zpsd889c946.jpg
This is what we are supposed to offer the "hungry ghosts"

 photo 03HungryGhostsOfferings_zps228bc3f0.jpg

 photo 04HungryGhostsOfferings_zpsacaee10f.jpg

 photo 05HungryGhostsOfferings_zps4735cfc5.jpg
Gold and silver

 photo 06HungryGhostsOfferings_zps8b37b630.jpg
Candles and jossticks

 photo 07HungryGhostsOfferings_zps9d3f972e.jpg
Their clothes

 photo 08HungryGhostsOfferings_zpsf653ce2c.jpg

 photo 09HungryGhostsOfferings_zps5e5870d9.jpg

 photo 10HungryGhostsOfferings_zps70236efd.jpg

 photo 11HungryGhostsOfferings_zps14893c24.jpg

Then again, there are ghosts who do not have any family at all. So where do these ghosts should wander? Perhaps they will be drifting aimlessly while reminiscing a realm they once dwell? Not too least they are not harming anybody. So for such poor ghosts who won't be having any family or relatives to offer them prayers, we will be offering them some food and stuff for them to bring back to their world-hell. That's why the Chinese will usually burn offerings for appease them in a way.

 photo 12HungryGhostsOfferings_zpsf2c10812.jpg
It's time offer them our prayers.

 photo 13HungryGhostsOfferings_zpsde0bb8bd.jpg
Cookies (their favourites?) and tea leaves.

 photo 14HungryGhostsOfferings_zps16635fc3.jpg
Hopefully they will make good use of their "money".

 photo 15HungryGhostsOfferings_zpsaeec30e2.jpg

 photo 16HungryGhostsOfferings_zpsdbe132c0.jpg
Gold bless all of us...

Now...what about those malicious ghosts who wait for the gates to open to seek vengeance? That, I would say...ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE. So we need to be more careful this month so that we won't chance upon such tormented souls who have yet to resolved their very own inner demons. Be more cautious with what we do and say, especially when we are outside of our own home....for they are all around us, watching at our every movement and listening to every single word that we utter...will you take your chances?

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If you wanna know more about Hungry Ghost Month, make sure
you watch this movie-Hungry Ghost Ritual!

I want to watch this so badly!