Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hokkaido Cakes From Butter & Olive Pastry House

Some time ago 2 years ago, a new bakery called Butter & Olive Pastry House was officially open for business near our old home. It is really a famous bakery which is patronized by customers every day. So one day, my wife and I thought that we should pay this famous place a visit and we were really amazed with what greeted us inside. Everything looked so beautifully edible in this bakery. And of course the price tags were marginally higher compared to other bakeries.

 photo 01HokkaidoCakesFromButterampOlivePastryHouse_zpsb325fcf6.jpg
From Butter & Olive Pastry House

Back then we were looking for something nice for our little babies. Jordan was 2 years old and Jasmine was only a few months old. After looking high and low behind the glass panels, we had finally decided to buy Hokkaido cakes for our little babies. We did grab a loaf of their famous bread as well...which I had forgotten what it was called. Fruit cake maybe... Then off we headed home to pick our babies home from the babysitter's place. :)

 photo 02HokkaidoCakesFromButterampOlivePastryHouse_zpsaa87813a.jpg
Hokkaido Cakes-we bought this for our babies.

 photo 03HokkaidoCakesFromButterampOlivePastryHouse_zpsb6df7178.jpg
Aww...look at those delectable icing. :D

 photo 04HokkaidoCakesFromButterampOlivePastryHouse_zps8fcd7528.jpg
Wifey is feeding our Jordan boy.

At home, the moment we took out the Hokkaido cakes, Jordan was happily jumping around, waiting to feast his treats. Hmm...obviously he had tasted the cakes before. Perhaps our babysitter's had bought some for him and his sister before this? Jordan boy was so in love with the Hokkaido cake that he insisted on eating it on his own, much to our delight. Jasmine girl...was a bit too young back then...so she wasn't really into it, was she? Ha :D

 photo 05HokkaidoCakesFromButterampOlivePastryHouse_zps70354848.jpg
So how was it Jordan boy?

 photo 06HokkaidoCakesFromButterampOlivePastryHouse_zps688e6d15.jpg
Of course it was delicious right?
See, he wanted to hold his feast on his own.

 photo 07HokkaidoCakesFromButterampOlivePastryHouse_zpsd9703e9f.jpg

 photo 08HokkaidoCakesFromButterampOlivePastryHouse_zps9ca7ab5e.jpg
Uh ouh...someone (little Jasmine) was not happy that only
Kor Kor got to lick the Hokkaido Cake. ha :D

Look at little Jordan's expression. Apparently he was savouring every single chunk of those fluffy Hokkaido cakes huh. Not to mention they were really creamy on the inside as well. If these Hokkaido cakes are served slightly a bit chilled, then they would taste even more delicious. The fluffy texture, the chilling cream...my...just let them melt in your mouth. Hmm....perhaps we should go grab some Hokkaido cakes right now for our little Jasmine didn't really get to it them back then huh. :)

 photo 09HokkaidoCakesFromButterampOlivePastryHouse_zpsf4f46d59.jpg
I want to eat Hokkaido Cake as well *drooling*