Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Whale Shark Caught By Chinese Fishermen Intentionally?

Another giant of the ocean has been snared again. A Chinese fisherman had caught an enormous whale shark in the waters off Fujian province. According to photos, this gentle giant was estimated to be 14 feet long and weighed around 2 tonnes. Despite being an endangered (protected) species, this poor, dead whale shark which was deemed illegal to be caught and sold was transported to market through the streets of Xiaozhi. Onlookers were of course very perplexed at such a wrong sight.

 photo WhaleSahrkCaught01_zps81fd9a98.jpg
Poor whale shark...

The captain of the boat-Cai ChengZhu, claimed that his whale shark catch was merely an accident and the giant got stuck in his net and died while his crew tried to release it....which I doubt. "It was really unfortunate and we did out best to free it," the captain was quoted. REALLY? Something fishy is going on and I have a reason to believe that the killing of the whale shark was done rather intentionally. Knowing that what he caught was endangered, he still had the balls to try to sell it in open market. Obviously this guy was in for the money! Fortunately he was stopped by Fujian fishery officials before he managed to sell the whale shark.

 photo WhaleSahrkCaught02_zps8e8c2f73.jpg
He was mistreated even after he is dead...

The captain claimed that the whale shark got into his net to eat the fishes that he had caught? What bullshit is this? Doesn't he know that whale sharks are filter feeders! ChengZhu is bluffing big time and this goes to show how ignorant some people are. It is a shame that a gentle giant that can grow up to 30 feet was killed rather unnecessarily by humans because of greed. *sigh* Let's hope that more can be done to save this endangered species from being killed again by the Chinese which has the most number of whales slaughterhouses in the world.

 photo WhaleShark_zpsbfe9b86d.jpg
Why can't we just leave these gentle whale sharks alone?