Monday, August 4, 2014

Jordan & Jasmine Playing In The Playground

It's always a joy watching my two little ones doing whatever that they are doing, especially when they are playing. Sometimes I can't help but feel that both my Jordan boy and Jasmine girl have grown up way too quickly. Thankfully I am not missing anything as I am with them most of the time. So during our last holidays, I visited my brother's condominium and they have got this cool, child-proof playground. Of course our two little ones were very excited to set their feet there. :)

 photo 01BabiesPlayingInThePlayground_zps32db48aa.jpg
Jordan boy balancing himself before taking his slide.

 photo 02BabiesPlayingInThePlayground_zps06d23709.jpg
Mission accomplished. Look at his happy face. 

 photo 03BabiesPlayingInThePlayground_zps3baa47bd.jpg
It's Jasmine's turn.

 photo 04BabiesPlayingInThePlayground_zpsf4653705.jpg
What else do you wanna play Jasmine girl?

 photo 05BabiesPlayingInThePlayground_zps18fa1f41.jpg
The slide of course.

The playground had plenty to offer, ranging from the usual swings to seesaw and of course slides. Unlike the playgrounds in our neighbourhood, I feel more at ease allowing my two little babies to play here because it is safer for them. The playground equipment are designed with toddlers and children in mind. That is why the flooring of this playground is made of rubberized materials which is really safe for children if they happen to accidentally trip of fall. I have better peace of mind letting them loose here. Ha :D

 photo 06BabiesPlayingInThePlayground_zps41b3a4a8.jpg
Grandpa came to help looking after them. Ha :D

 photo 07BabiesPlayingInThePlayground_zps648673ee.jpg
So are you happy Jasmine girl?

 photo 08BabiesPlayingInThePlayground_zpsf94fbf81.jpg
Playing seesaw with mommy.

 photo 09BabiesPlayingInThePlayground_zps7de0da82.jpg
Let's bump. :)

Look at Jordan and Jasmine. So darn happy right? After all it's not always that they get such a chance to play freely. Yours truly is ashamed to say that I can't be able to bring them out to play on playgrounds except weekends. As they will only be able to reach home around 6++pm every day, it is virtually impossible for us to bring them out as they would still need their bath and dinner soon. Besides, it is not that safe. Anyway I am glad that my two little ones get to enjoy themselves from time to time. :)