Friday, August 15, 2014

Perodua Axia Prices Starting From RM24,900

Finally today (Friday) 15th of August will be the day that Perodua announces Axia which will be open for booking at any of Perodua's 180 showrooms throughout Malaysia. After months of speculation, Perodua Axia will finally be unveiled to all Malaysians today. Those who are interested to be the proud owners of Perodua Axia can book yours for a booking fee of RM250 to RM300, depending on the variants. There will be 4 different variants (models) of Axia and will be sold at an attractive starting price of RM24,900. Sounds good aye?

 photo 01PeroduaAxiaPriceList_zps394b08e7.jpg
So this is how Perodua Axia will look like? (Taken from

Like I have mentioned earlier, there will be 4 different variants of Perodua Axia to be selected: They are Standard E, Standard G, Special Edition and Advance. For the base model of Axia Standard E that comes with solid paint, it will be aggressively priced at RM24,900. Now if you think that Axia will have a small boot like its predecessor, you will be happy to know that the car will have 260 litres of boot space, which Perodua claims is shaped to accommodate 4 travel bags. Not bad at all.

 photo 06PeroduaAxiaPriceListInterior_zps0682d7db.jpg
Ample Cabin Space of Perodua Axia

 photo 04PeroduaAxiaPriceListDashboard_zpscbb79c6d.jpg
Axia sports a beautiful dashboard.

 photo 05PeroduaAxiaPriceListEngineAluminium_zps90a96c57.jpg
Axia's all aluminium engine!

Perodua Axia will be equipped by a brand-new 1KR three-cylinder engine, which is based on Daihatsu's 1KR-DE, which is being used in the Ayla in Indonesia. Axia's powerful 1.0 litre all-aluminium 12-valve DOHC engine will churn out 65 PS at 5,000 rpm and 87 Nm of torque at 3,600 rpm. Being an all-aluminium engine makes it so light that it tip the sales at just 69 kg, which is 10 kg lighter than the Viva's cast iron 1.0 litre engine. Lighter load means better fuel efficiency right.
Before I continue, there's a very good news for all Perodua Axia's buyers. Behold *drum roll*-All the new Perodua Axia will come with 5-year warranty, which is a first for a Perodua. I believe this is because Perodua has utmost confidence in their new Axia that they are willing to give 5 years of warranty. Now you have better peace of mind right?

 photo PeroduaAxiaPriceListSpyshot02Main_zps235c9a29.jpg
By now I believe this is the official Perodua Axia right?

 photo PeroduaAxiaPriceListSpyshot01_zps5a538750.jpg
The back looks strikingly similar to Myvi.

JPJ Descriptions
OTR Price (RM)
Booking Fee (RM)
Standard E
Standard G
(Special Edition)

From the table above, pricing for the four different variants of Perodua Axia are:

  • Standard E (1.0 E Manual) – RM24,900 (solid), RM25,300 (metallic)
  • Standard G (1.0 G manual) – RM32,800 (solid), RM33,200 (metallic)
  • Standard G (1.0 G automatic) – RM34,800 (solid), RM35,200 (metallic)
  • Special Edition (1.0 SE manual) – RM37,900 (solid), RM38,300 (metallic)
  • Special Edition (1.0 SE automatic) – RM 40,900 (solid), RM41,300 (metallic)
  • Advance (1.0 AV automatic) – RM44,900 (solid), RM45,300 (metallic)

Except the entry Standard E grade 1.0 litre manual, of which the booking fee is RM250, the booking fee for the other Axia range is RM300.

Perodua Axia 1.0 E
The base E grade Axia comes only with a five-speed manual transmission so there will be no auto option. It’s really basic as we expected it to be, and it is the only variant with steel rims and wheel caps, but its body colour bumpers and door handles are at least standard.

  • 14-inch steel wheels
  • LED rear combination lamps
  • Body coloured bumpers
  • Painted door handles
  • Vanity mirror for driver
  • Fabric seats
  • Power windows
  • ECO Drive indicator (fuel efficiency coach)
  • Power steering
  • Dual airbags (driver and passenger)
  • Immobiliser
1.0 E Manual – RM24,900 (solid)
1.0 E Manual – RM25,300 (metallic)


Perodua Axia 1.0 G
The Axia 1.0 G is an upgrade from the basic E variant. Axia 1.0G should be your preferred choice if you want a basic automatic transmission (four-speed torque converter unit). A five-speed manual is also available. The G-level Axia comes with alloy wheels (14-inch for the whole Axia range) and remote control entry and alarm (unfortunately only old school key for E), as well as reverse sensors and an audio player.

  • 14-inch alloy wheels
  • Remote control entry and alarm
  • Reverse sensors
  • Electronically-controlled side mirrors (retractable)
  • Rear wiper and defogger
  • CD player with four speakers
  • Driver’s side seat height adjuster
  • Seat hook on the back of the front passenger seat
  • Package tray
  • Tissue compartment for the rear seats
  • Coin box / multipurpose container
  • Isofix mounts for child seat (a plus point for parents)
  • Seat belt warning buzzer
1.0 G Manual – RM32,800 (solid)
1.0 G Manual – RM33,200 (metallic)
1.0 G Automatic – RM34,800 (solid)
1.0 G Automatic – RM35,200 (metallic)


Perodua Axia 1.0 SE
The Axia 1.0 SE interestingly has a different exterior compared to the standard E and G grades. Here’s what the 1.0 SE adds on to the 1.0 G model.

  • Projector headlamps
  • SE bodykit with aero bumpers, side skirting and rear spoiler
  • Fog lamps
  • Front parking sensors
  • Chrome front grille
  • Audio head unit with CD, MP3 and Bluetooth support
  • Painted door armrest
  • Fabric door trim
  • Semi-bucket seats
  • Silver and chrome interior finish
  • Separated rear headrest
  • Shift lever knob with ‘ornament’
  • Handbrake lever with ‘ornament’
  • ABS, EBD and brake assist
  • Security tint film
1.0 SE Manual – RM37,900 (solid)
1.0 SE Manual – RM38,300 (metallic)
1.0 SE Automatic – RM40,900 (solid)
1.0 SE Automatic – RM41,300 (metallic)


Perodua Axia 1.0 Advance
The top-of-the-class Axia Advance, or AV, is only available with a four-speed automatic gearbox. Its exterior is the same as the SE model, but it has the following addition to the interior:

  • Touchscreen multimedia audio system with DVD, Bluetooth and GPS
  • Leather seats
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls
1.0 Advance Automatic – RM44,900 (solid)
1.0 Advance Automatic – RM45,300 (metallic)

Ok...before we sum it up and before you see the real Perodua Axia today (or later), have you ever wondered why it is called Perodua Axia? Apparently Perodua claims that it should be pronounced as 'A-zee-a' and it does ring a bell right? Axia sounds so similar to Asia for it is a play on the word Asia. Perodua believes that they are a regional player in Asia and hence they name their latest car as Axia. Now why X instead of S? You see the "X" actually represents number 10, as the Axia is Perodua's 10th model. Voila~now you know why Perodua Axia is known as Axia. :)

 photo 07PeroduaAxiaPriceList_zpsbbb3ba68.jpg
So are you ready for Perodua Axia?