Thursday, August 14, 2014

10 Ways To Save Petrol & More

Fellow Malaysians...I heard the government is going to cut the subsidy again for our petrol...sooner or later the price of our petrol will become relatively too expensive for our current lifestyle. Coupled with the worsening traffic congestion and escalating inflation, we will be hard hit and eventually we might not want to drive a car anymore. So will the public transport be your favoured mode of transportation in the future? Guess not right? So here's a few tips for you to save petrol and enjoy the luxury of being behind your own wheels:

 photo 10WaysToSavePetrolampGasMain_zpsf724dad7.jpg
It's time save more petrol or gas for your car!

1~Pump Up Your Tyres: By now you should have known that under-inflated tyres will make your poor engine work harder. So make sure you check and adjust your tyre pressure regularly to increase fuel efficiency.

2~Smooth Driver: The way you drive will determine how much petrol your car guzzle. So your driving habit will affect your car's fuel efficiency. Each time you stop and start in a traffic queue, your car engine will use more fuel. Besides, you need to avoid sharp acceleration and braking while in queues and at junctions. So drive smoothly folks.

3~Turn Off Your Engine: Do not be idle. If you are queuing longer than 3 minutes, switch off your engines. An idling engine wastes fuel and increases carbon dioxide emissions.

4~Don't Rev Like F1: Modern car engines are designed to be efficient the moment you ignite your engine. So revving up like Hamilton or Vettel (F1 drivers) will only waste a lot of fuel and damage your engine. So you think you can drive like an F1 driver? You the expense of your bleeding wallet.

5~No Warming Up: Right now most cars do not need to be warmed up any more. The moment you start your engine you can drive off immediately but please be reminded to drive gently until the engine has reached its normal operating temperature.

6~De-clutter Your Car: Don't think that your pairs of high heels are dragging your car down? Think again. Getting rid of that extra pair of boots or bag of tools in the boot can reduce your engine's workload and will marginally improve your car's fuel efficiency. If you have a roof rack and don't need it, then you remove it.

7~Wind Up The Windows: Yes, it is true that letting the air-conditioning on will decrease fuel efficiency but if you are driving with the windows is even worse. Why? Because there will be increased drag, causing your engine to work even harder just to move forward. If you are driving in hot weather, turn on the air-con or lower the windows very slightly on each side allow a cross-flow draught.

8~Obey The Speed Limit: It pays to stick to speed limit for it not only saves your lives but also petrol in the long run. Do you know that driving at 95km/h uses 9% less fuel than at 110km/h? And driving at 80km/h could save you up to 15% of fuel? So drive moderately and safe fuel at the same time while arriving at your destination safely.

9~Drive A Manual or Hybrid: It's a fact that manuals are more fuel-efficient than automatics. Or you can now switch to a Hybrid like Toyota Prius. A lot of cars now even come with CVT transmission which utilizes less petrol and is more environmentally friendly than a standard automatic. Perhaps electric car?

10~Timing: Now when it will be super congested will be really vital if you wanna save more fuel. Beating peak hours allow you to reach your destinations without being stranded in the traffic. We all know that being at a standstill will burn your fuel even more. So make sure you know when is the right time to drive, don't get trapped. It's time to play the "offside" rule while driving.

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11~Avoid Girlfriends. Haha :D

There you go folks. 10 simple ways that can help you to save petrol and even more. Hopefully these tips can help to stretch mileage and let you go further with the same amount of petrol. So when our Prime Minister does announce the removal of fuel subsidy, we know we can be well prepared for it. :)