Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day 2014

It's the time of the year again, when we are supposed to get a one day off from our hard work. It is a day when we could wake up later than usual and laze around doing nothing until Mr. Sun climbed up to the top of our roofs...right? Nah...the truth is, for us working adults (especially those with family), labour day is not really a holiday for us. We still have to wake up early and we will be doing more chores and errands that we usually could not do due to time constraints. But then again...a day off is better than none right? :)

 photo HappyLabourDay2014_zps8c40143d.jpg

Yeah~I have really been missing lately...mainly due to the different path that I am taking right now. It's really no joke having to juggle work, family and studies altogether at the same time. I really hope that my Masters study is worthy of all my time and energy in the future. My hands are quite tied and I have tonnes of assignments, presentations and tests to undergo. It would be a tormenting one and a half year for me. Thank goodness I have my wife who has been supporting me all the time especially in my Masters Studies.

 photo LabourDayStudying_zps24028d66.jpg

So how was your Labour Day so far folks? Enjoying it or it is just like any other day to you? I had a blast with my family today. Had a great outing with my wife and babies. So yeah...I enjoyed mine thoroughly. Last but not least, enjoy your Labour Day everyone. :D

P.S.: By the way I can't really blog a lot due to lack of internet connection. Waiting for Unifi. Period.