Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Key That Punctured My Tire!

As a biker, we are really at the mercy of our 2 wheels. If anything goes wrong with our tyres...we are as good as gone. So the usual culprit that regularly halt us to a standstill is a nail. I mean what else could be sharper than a nail on the road right? Or so I thought. A few days ago...yours truly's tire was punctured...again (second time this month). I was glad that it only got punctured when I had merely 3km (out of 16) left to reach my office. Still I was really frustrated.

 photo 01KeyPuncturedMyBike_zpsf98db933.jpg
Can you see it?

I fumbled for my phone and furiously punch it to call my colleagues telling that I would be late. Done. The next dreaded part was when I had to push my bike to the office. Unlike the previous punctures, this one felt terribly different. The tire was deflated to the max..meaning it was bare flat! Hmmm...that was weird. Hence I had quite some time trying to navigate my "heavy" bike towards my company.

 photo 02KeyPuncturedMyBike_zpsc326be9d.jpg

 photo 03KeyPuncturedMyBike_zps9550ae57.jpg
It was a key...so incredulous...

 photo 05KeyPuncturedMyBike_zps987cb0bf.jpg
I can't believe it could be so sharp...and well-timed huh!

Upon reaching my company, I immediately went up to meet my do my paperwork. I felt very uncomfortable being so sticky as my whole body was covered with perspiration after my morning "workout". Finally it was lunch time and I could send my bike to a workshop for repair. I was startled to realize that the thing that puncture my tire is not a nail. It turned out to be a key! A key? What are the odds of that very key sticking up and pierce into my tire at that very moment...I must be jinxed on that day...

 photo 06KeyPuncturedMyBike_zps2577ade5.jpg
The key that puncture my tire!

P.S.: Thanks to the key,  I was made RM70 poorer. *sigh* There must be a silver lining to it.