Monday, March 24, 2014

Will I Gamble In Genting Casino One Day?

It is a shame that I have yet to step into our very own Genting's Casino before even though I am a Malaysian. I have been there for so many times, but I have only spent my time enjoying the outdoor theme park rides. Never have I done something more daring like gambling in their world-renowned casino. Maybe the next time I am there, I should indulge myself in a game or two of baccarat, black jack or roulette. Who knows I can strike gold with my first attempt? :p

 photo casino-de-genting_zps7059e2bf.jpg
I could be a God of gambler too. :p

Being an occasional gambler (a~hem...especially during Chinese New Year :p), it excites me to think about pitting my gambling "skills" or rather luck against the professionals. It must be a whole new different experience looking at my cards while I am in that sort of so-called "gambling" environment. Besides table games, I would also love to try out their slot machines jackpot. Imagine you could bring home 50ks home just by inserting a coin and pulling down the handle or pushing the magic button!

 photo GentingCasino_zps4b4eb705.jpg
Who wants to hit the jackpot?

I would really relishes my chance of playing in Genting Casino one day. However...there's a catch. Located 6,000 feet above sea level, Genting Casino is not really easily accessible to us Malaysians. I need to drive at least 3 to 4 hours just to knock on their doors. for now...perhaps I could just indulge in playing black jack, roulette and slots at the different casinos online. After all your chances of winning could be increased in the very comfort of your home, no? :)