Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Moto 360-The Best Smartwatch Yet?

With the announcement of Android Wear by Google, consumers will be expecting more smartwatches to be paraded this year. In fact Motorola has fired the first salvo with the release of Moto 360. I must say that I immediately fell in love with Moto 360 the moment I lay my eyes on it. Moto 360 is by far the best-looking smartwatch yet! It looks exactly like a conventional timepiece, with the usual round watchface and even a mechanical dial on the right.

 photo 01Moto360SmartWatch_zps92393d52.png
Behold: The elegant Moto 360!

 photo 02Moto360SmartWatch_zps8057bc5a.png

 photo 03Moto360SmartWatch_zps548e7a86.png

 photo 04Moto360SmartWatch_zps73b4d406.png
OMG~This is THE WATCH for me!

I am really surprised with the timeless design of Moto 360 and this is what Motorola has got to say about their latest invention-"We want to reimagine the wristwatch for the future and continue with the basic wristwatch design that has endured for a century because of its elegance and usefulness at a glance." I totally agree with their philosophy. Why design something that looks like a Ben 10 Omnimtrix? (think Samsung Gear?) Moto 360 will change the Smartwatch game alright.

 photo 05Moto360SmartWatch_zps2a630af3.jpg

 photo 06Moto360SmartWatch_zpsbb32afc1.jpg

 photo 07Moto360SmartWatch_zpsd8cc26ed.jpg

 photo 08Moto360SmartWatch_zpsbfdf992b.jpg

Despite not divulging any technical details of Moto 360, Motorola does hint that their very first Smartwatch can be awakened with a simple flick to the rest. It appears that Moto 360 will be deeply integrated with Google Now whereby wearer can simply say, "Ok Google" and ask questions like who won the Classico Game? What time do you have a meeting? Send a text message? Or you can simply use it to set an alarm or even take note on the go without taking out your smartphone.

It's time for Moto 360!

Moto 360 will be hitting our shelves this summer and consumers in US will get the privilege of wearing it first. What's more? Moto 360 will be available in a variety of style and I guess that we might be able to customize it just like Moto X? Let's stay tune for Moto 360-a smarthwatch that can do so much and still looked like a watch. I do hope that it will be affordable though. :)

 photo 09Moto360SmartWatch_zps709205ee.jpg
Moto 360-Timeless Elegance!