Monday, March 3, 2014

A Different Path

You must be wondering where I-Tekkaus, have been right? (Or you don't give a damn at all) I am still here at the very same places where I usually's just that I am not in the parallel universe (Internet) that I used to be anymore. Life has been changing quite rapidly for me these few months. As I get older and my 2 babies are growing up (FAST), I need to realign my priorities and navigate my time more effectively. Unfortunately the time bestowed upon each and everyone of us is the same-24 hours. So in order to do more...certain things need to make way for progress...

 photo ADifferentPath_zps0a567c1e.jpg
It's all for the better. :)

The final months of 2013 had been a defining ones for me. I know 2014 would be a darn busy one after accepting to further my studies. And it turned out to be true. After I have started my Masters studies, I have been left trying to catch my breath all the time. Travelling to KL for my lessons on almost every weekends is really taking its toll on me. That is why I don't really have that "leftover" time nor energy to be channeled into blogging anymore. Now you know...

P.S.: Or...maybe...just maybe...I am too plain lazy nowadays...

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