Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Watch How A Lion Was Sent Flying By A Buffalo [VIDEO]

Who would have thought that a prey had become the predator in the end. And in this case a hungry lion, which was about to devour its prey-a buffalo, was sent flying in the sky not once but twice! Who could have done this to the so-called King of the jungle? A buffalo with heavy, ridged horns taught a lion a "flying" lesson it would never forget! Sometimes being alive is more important than fulfilling your hunger.

 photo WatchHowALionWasSentFlyingByABuffaloVIDEO01_zps080f44fc.jpg
Be very afraid of a buffalo!

Apparently 2 young lions in the Mjejane Reserve on the border of Kruger National Park in South Africa thought they would be having a feast after they had successfully brought down a buffalo which they had been stalking for a long time. After the poor buffalo was pinned down, a hungry lion thought it could sink its fang and enjoyed a meaty feast. It thought terribly wrong of course. A bull buffalo steeled itself to save his friend from the clutches of the "King of the Jungle."

 photo WatchHowALionWasSentFlyingByABuffaloVIDEO02_zpsc5fa10b6.jpg
Lion being launched into the air!

Watch how a bull buffalo came to the rescue to save his "dying" friend who appeared to have given up. The brave bull buffalo charged towards the unsuspecting lion and used its horns to toss the lion up in the air like a doll. Knowing that it would not be enough, the bull again flung the lion out of his friend's way. The heavily bruised lion of course fled the scene. I am sure it didn't want to eat any buffalo for a long, long time. Ha :D

Watch the rage of a buffalo!