Monday, December 16, 2013

13 Coolest Gingerbread Houses [PICS]

Besides Christmas trees, the next must have in everyone home to usher Christmas is the gingerbread house! Gingerbread houses are usually built traditionally in a family before Noel using pieces of baked gingerbread dough assembled with melted sugar. Previously gingerbread houses look well...morel like houses. Nowadays, the gingerbread "houses" that deck our halls have become more and more cool. So much so that it will show a strong statement to whoever who visits our house. :)
 photo MainCoolestGingerbreadHouses_zpsd3118542.jpg
This is how a traditional gingerbread house look like. :p

For those who love to bake, especially the ones with sweet tooth, it is always a challenge to craft a beautiful gingerbread house. To conjure a "house" that is equally delicious (edible) and beautiful is one heck of a difficult task. And nothing is more satisfying than to know that all your hard-work is being appreciated, especially on the internet. The following are a list of cool gingebread houses that you won't wanna sink your teeth into. :)
 photo 01CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zpscc9cc1ab.jpg
1~The RV from Breaking Bad
 photo 02CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zps31fa25d0.jpg
2~Moe's Bar from the Simpsons
 photo 03CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zpsa55069db.jpg
3~Who else? The Grumpy Cat
 photo 04CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zps754e655d.jpg
4~Jack Skellinton's House from Nightmare before Christmas
 photo 05CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zpsd935b765.jpg
5~Serenity from Firefly
 photo 06CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zpsa699129f.jpg
6~Gru's House from Despicable Me
 photo 07CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zps96ca7d70.jpg
7~The Tardis from Doctor Who
 photo 08CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zps0bc9451f.jpg
8~AT-AT from Star Wars
 photo 09CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zps9e7c39d0.jpg
9~The Death Star from Star Wars
 photo 11CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zps73b08bd5.jpg
 10~Battle Cruiser from Starcraft
 photo 12CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zpsdd897519.jpg
11~The Burrow from Harry Potter
 photo 13CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zpsf2a95b96.jpg
12~Hogwarts from Harry Potter
 photo 14CoolestGingerbreadHouses_zps78407a09.jpg
13~Hobbit Hole from Lord of the Rings

So which one is your favourite? If you were to ask me, I thought all were quite cool and "nerdy" in their very own ways. The creators must had spent an enormous amount of time, building these masterpieces of theirs. But if I really had to choose I would go with the Hobbit Hole because I simply love Lord of the Rings. Now...if only I know how to build gingerbread houses of my own huh! Haha :D