Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sugarsync CHEATED And BETRAYED Its Free Users

I certainly did not expect this bombshell: Sugarsync abandons its fremium cloud storage and opts for a paid model instead. For the uninitiated, Sugarsync is a multi-platform cloud storage service that allows you sync you data (documents, photos, videos etc) effortlessly. I was really, really saddened by this bad news. I felt like Sugarsync has BETRAYED the free users just to make themselves even more profitable! How can do this?

 photo SugarsyncCHEATEDAndBETRAYEDItsFreeUsers01_zps887db851.png
Sugarsync had gone rogue!

I must admit that Sugarsync is one of the best cloud storage service available right now and that is why I decided to use it over dropbox and other more popular cloud storage. It appears that my loyalty to them means nothing at all. But again...why didn't Sugasync STATE that the free plan that we signed up would expire, did they? I can't help but feel terribly cheated by Sugarsync...they had turn their back against free users!

 photo 03SugarsyncCHEATEDAndBETRAYEDItsFreeUsers_zpsbf3ad56d.jpg
Sugarsync was one of the best until we were forced to upgrade...

I had put in so much trust and love into Sugarsync; So much so that I foolishly believed that it was the only cloud storage that I ever needed. That was why yours truly did my best to promote Sugarsync. I started out with 5GB of storage and after promoting Sugarsync, I got myself another 5.5GB of free storage by referring others. At least this 5.5GB of cloud storage belongs to me, no? That is why I believe Sugarsync SHOULD NOT FORCE free users to upgrade. Instead they should just allow us to use our cloud storage as it is.

 photo 02SugarsyncCHEATEDAndBETRAYEDItsFreeUsers_zps5ac72ecb.jpg
I hope I could still use Sugarsync...

Sugarsync can choose to close its free Sugarsync plan to the public while allowing existing free users to continue to use their free online cloud storage. I hope that SugarSync will listen to this plea of mine. If they choose to continue to force free users to leave, Sugarsync risks tarnishing their very own hard-earned reputation. They might claim that they have achieved the desired financial liquidity to become premium only cloud service, but they will lose trust, especially those of the masses. Period.