Friday, December 13, 2013

Jordan & Jasmine 10 Months Ago [PICS]

If you have been following by blog for years, then you have seen me growing; Not only growing old as a person, but also as a family man; You have also witnessed how my 2 little babies grow up. In other words, you-my blog readers are, like part of my life for you know me. Or at least the side of me that I doddle on this blog, right? And you know how precious my 2 little babies are to me. Time flies isn't it? It seems like only yesterday my wife had given birth to my daughter. The fact little Jasmine is already 2 years old. Yes, we are old already. Ha :D

 photo 01JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zps0ff20839.jpg
Jordan and Jasmine-10 months ago.

My wife and I are happy that we are blessed with 2 beautiful babies. You know...some people could not even conceive I am indebted to God for being good to me. God has taken away something (my late mother) from me and at the same time He has also given me the 3 most precious things in my life-my wife and 2 children. Time and tide really wait for no man and indeed my 2 little rambunctious ones are growing up faster than I could anticipate. I wish I could have more, a whole lot more time with them (even though I have already had plenty). :p

 photo 03JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zps0041fc35.jpg
My 2 little angels.

 photo 04JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zps575da08c.jpg
What are the 2 of you doing? Watching TV?

 photo 05JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zps932e8f53.jpg
What happened? Both of you fought?

 photo 06JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zpsfabf9cb6.jpg
Jasmine: "Papa~watch TV."

 photo 07JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zpsf4de32c3.jpg
Jordan go and "sayang" Ah Mei.

 photo 08JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zpsecc3a30b.jpg
Jordan: "Your hair is messy. Let Kor Kor comb it for you."
 photo 09JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zpsd5f57d89.jpg
Jordan: "Ah Mei you look hungry. Here~mam mam."

 photo 10JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zpse75fb010.jpg
Jasmine: "Thank you Kor Kor."

 photo 11JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zps5753fdee.jpg
My son-Jordan boy.

 photo 12JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zps7e7bb6b1.jpg
My daughter-Jasmine.

So these are photos of my 2 little babies 10 months ago-in February. See? They really grow up darn fast. Ha :D And I love the fact that both Jordan and Jasmine are only one year apart of each other, hence they are really very, very close to each other. Sometimes both of them would be in their own baby world, especially my daughter. She adores her brother a lot....BUT she also bullies her brother a lot. Haha :D Remember Jordan boy and Jasmine girl-both of you must take care of each other ok.

 photo 13JordanampJasmine10MonthsAgo_zps0fd60e1a.jpg
Most of all I am indebted to my Queen for marrying me,
and willingly gave birth to our 2 babies.
I owe you everything!