Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Boyfriend Jumped To His Death After Girlfriend Prolonged 5-hour Shopping Spree

Who would have thought that shopping could actually kill you? Well...if you are enjoying it...chances is that you will revel in every single moment of it. However a woman in China has brought the mantra "shop till you drop" to a whole new level. She did not "drop", instead her boyfriend who accompanied her "dropped" from the 7th floor of a shopping mall and died. Tao Hsiao jumped to his death because his girlfriend insisted on prolonging a five-hour-long shopping trip! shopping does kill!

 photo BoyfriendJumpedToHisDeathAfterGirlfriendProlonged5-hourShoppingSpree01_zpsd04c2f6c.jpg
No more shopping...

The 38 years old Tao Hsiao jumped to his death in a shopping mall in Jiangsu province in China after a furious row with his girlfriend who demanded that they continue to shop even after shopping for 5 long hours. CCTV footage showed both of them had been wandering in various shops in the mall until the dead, who was like a slave carrying his girlfriend's shopping bags wanted to go home. Poor guy... *shake head*

 photo 03BoyfriendJumpedToHisDeathAfterGirlfriendProlonged5-hourShoppingSpree_zps2068bd67.jpg
It seemed that dying is better than shopping...

Eye-witnesses heard both of them had a heated argument. The man really wanted to go home...and the woman...well...she wanted to check out a sale on shoes. The man then angrily told off his girlfriend that she had enough shoes, more shoes that she could wear in her entire lifetime and it was really pointless to buy any more. The bitchy girlfriend then started to accuse Tao Hsiao for being a skinflint that spoiled Christmas. What? After 5 hours...she still thought he was a scrooge?

 photo 02BoyfriendJumpedToHisDeathAfterGirlfriendProlonged5-hourShoppingSpree_zps62ae1251.jpg
Shop till you "drop" that ended tragically...

That was it I guess. The man must have endured too much insult and torment from his succubus girlfriend. He threw all the shopping bags on the floor, jumped over the railings, before landing 7 stories below. Of course "dropping" from that sort of height would certainly mean Reaper will be the next thing you see. What a shocking news. SO GUYS...MAKE SURE YOU PICK A GIRL WHO IS NOT MATERIALISTIC TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND OR WIFE! Some f*cking bitch are really not worthy of your time and money! It's better not to have a girlfriend or wife if you can't find a good one. Period.