Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Visiting Hutan Paya Laut Matang Once Again [PICS]

Some time ago Jasmine girl had finally trotted on the wooden planks that his brother did almost 3 years ago. During our previous visit to Taiping, Jasmine had the opportunity to be close to mother nature-Hutan Paya Laut Matang also known as Matang's Mangrove Swamp. All of us were excited as we had been here before. Jordan boy couldn't wait to get down the car once we arrived, as if he really knew he had been here before. Ha :D

 photo 01VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps2ed38ab9.jpg
We are here again @ Hutan Paya Laut Matang

 photo 02VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps8a31a79c.jpg
Let's go.

 photo 03VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps0f1eee06.jpg
This is Jasmine's very first visit.

 photo 04VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps1acc8d09.jpg
Jasmine girl observing her unusual surroundings.

 photo 05VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps35636118.jpg
So do you like it here Jasmine girl?

It was still early in the morning and we could see a lot of dew gathering on those lush green leaves. It felt refreshing to be here. Every single breath that we took was like pure, clean oxygen that invigorated our lungs. This is truly a great place for us to detoxify ourselves, after submerging in toxic pollutants in the city. If you need a rejuvenating vacation, you can come over to Taiping and visit this mystical mangrove forest.

 photo 06VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps78d19a08.jpg
Welcome to the mangrove forest.

 photo 07VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps813001b2.jpg
Beautiful isn't it?

 photo 11VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zpsa7d1c291.jpg
Ouh yeah...all these unmistakable roots.

 photo 14VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zpscd41db31.jpg
I love it here. So refreshing. :)

 photo 15VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps3f339a41.jpg

The moment he alighted form his grandpa's car, Jordan boy immediately ran towards the platform as it this was his backyard. We had to grab hold of him before he got lost. Ha :D During this excursion, Jordan could be seen tugging his grandpa all the time...leaving his sister, mommy and daddy behind. It was like Jordan wanted to explore every single each of this mangrove forest. Such was his excitement on that day. A good sign actually.

 photo 08VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps731766dd.jpg
From time to time grandpa had to hold back Jordan. :p

 photo 09VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps8a40c36f.jpg
He was simply too excited to explore.

 photo 10VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps106d94c2.jpg
One among the tress. :)

 photo 12VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps69ccf968.jpg
Jordan~You have been here before, remember?

 photo 13VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps54d4edfe.jpg
Are you ladies tired already? :)

 photo 16VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zpsed2e6ec2.jpg
Grandpa and the apple of his eye.

 photo 17VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps970ada3b.jpg
Let's walk together hand in hand.

The duration of our expedition this time was a bit longer because both Jordan and Jasmine could walk...well...longer distance. In other words they are more "durable" to withstand the "strenuous" journey across the pneumatophores-laden roots of those tall-standing mangroves. We ventured into some uncharted waters...part of the mangrove forests that we had not been into previously. We discovered there are a few huge chalets in the middle of the mangrove forests for backpackers and nature lovers. Interesting. :)

 photo 18VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps133f350d.jpg
Let's take a break.

 photo 19VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zps965800a6.jpg
Tired and hungry.

 photo 20VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zpsb0dfb111.jpg
Yours truly fanning my 2 little babies.

 photo 21VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zpsbcee81ee.jpg
Very comfy aye?

Besides campers, we also chanced upon a few bird watchers with their...telescope and huge-bulging cameras. There must be quite a lot of beautiful, rare birds to be admired huh. Too bad...we did not have such luxury to watch birds nor did we have the proper equipment. :p Finally we made our way to the river before retreating to a shade for a break. Here Jordan boy and Jasmine girl who had been walking for more almost an hour stopped to drink their milk. They were sweating profusely and of course I was fanning my precious little ones. :)

 photo 22VisitingHutanPayaLautMatangOnceAgain_zpsb30baf9c.jpg
Hutan Paya Laut Matang-A beautiful place to be.

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P.S.: Sorry for the rather overexposed and washed out photos. I was using the camera on my lousy smartphone. :/