Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Top 5 Christmas Wishlist 2013

"It's not the man who has little, but he who desires more, that is poor." This quote by Seneca certainly depicts what I want right now. Haha :D It's Christmas and I am hoping to get Christmas presents. Yes~they might not appear to be necessities to you but some (if not all) of my Christmas wishes are indeed "necessary" to me. :p Some might say I am greedy but I say...well...I just want to fulfill my desires. After all~it's not like I am going to get any of these. PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG SANTA! :p

 photo TekkausSantaWishlist_zpsf732ac4b.jpg
Don't worry Santa~mine is way shorter.

1~Samsung Galaxy Note 3: This is one of the Christmas present that I love the most. Being a technophile, I truly believe that I should own a piece of technology that truly reflects my passion and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is certainly the epitome of my status as a geek. :p I want Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for it is the best smartphone in 2013. Its S Pen and rich features have propelled it to be the most desirable gadget this year. No other smartphone can come close to being mentioned in the same breath as this phablet. :) Besides my current smartphone is so slow and battery is dying so I NEED THIS.

 photo SamsungGalaxyNote3-TheBestSmartphoneIn201301_zpsf83f3b56.jpg
I think I deserve this Samsung Galaxy Note 3. *snort snort*

2~Samsung Galaxy Gear: Despite me labeling Galaxy Gear as an unpolished smartwatch attempt by Samsung, it is still miles ahead of its other competitors. Yours truly is a bike rider and it makes perfect sense to have Galaxy Gear for it allows me to answer calls and look at my notifications easier without taking out my phone. The nature of my job also strictly "prohibits" me from using my smartphone when I am working, so Galaxy Gear is a must have smartwatch for me to "appear more efficient" in the office. LOL :D However it only works with top-end smartphones from Samsung. *hint hint* I NEED THIS.

 photo SamsungGalaxyGearDifferentColours_zps25c8961a.jpg
I prefer the Black one.

3~Beats Wireless Headphones by Dr. Dre: An audiophile cannot "function optimally" without music and that's what yours truly is. Being a music lover, having a pair of WIRELESS headphones while I am working allows me to be tangle-free and of course that will enable me to perform more efficiently. But on a personal note...I just want to hook up to this Beats Wireless Headphones and lay down on bed to listen to music without needing to be close to be plugged. I NEED THIS.

 photo 02BeatsWirelessHeadphonesbyDrDre_zpsf01c8cd0.png
My dream headphones-Beats Wireless Hedphones by Dr. Dre!

4~Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto: What more can a coffee aficionado ask if not a mug of instantly brewed coffee? No more sachets coffee for me. I would really love to enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee as it lingers through the air with this awesome Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto. In fact it can be a stunning kitchen decoration as well with his fine, modern finish. Surely it will be the talk of my house visitors this Christmas. It's time for a premium blend of coffee for the coffee freak in me. I NEED THIS.

 photo Tekkaus-WishListNESCAFE-Dolce-Gusto-CIRCOLO-l_zps772073b2.jpg
This is how my coffee should be served. FRESH!

5~Adidas Soltec 2 Running Shoes: This has got to be the best pair of running shoes I have ever worn before. A runner will not be able to fulfill his fullest potential without a pair of good running shoes. Adidas Soltec 2 is the pair of shoes that you would want to wear when you hit the track. It's light, durable and comfortable to wear. I can personally testify this as I have a pair...which is almost "expired". After being my running companion for more than 2 years, it appears that my trusted shoes will be retiring soon with holes all over it. I NEED THIS.

I need a new pair.

So that's all for my Christmas wish list this year Santa. I am neither greedy nor demanding as I have only asked for five gifts. After all I have not been receiving anything from North Pole for the past 27 years. I have been a good boy this year, just like what I have always been. So I hope you will be fulfilling my wishes Santa. As you can see Santa I NEED all the gifts mentioned so please do not ruin my Christmas like the Grinch. You can put all five of my gifts underneath my very first Christmas Tree. Surely you won't miss it Santa. Don't disappoint me AGAIN this year Santa. :)