Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Adidas Soltec 2 Running Shoes

Behold my very first pair of branded shoes: Adidas Soltec 2. Yes, unlike you guys this is my very first time owning such an expensive pair of shoes. All this while the only shoes that I have bought are of Power Brand. I thought it would be suffice for me to buy a cheaper pair of footwear. But this year alone I have spent more than RM150 buying 3 pairs of Power Shoes. I have to admit that the quality of these shoes were not good at all. I guess this is what we call "You get what you paid!"

My very first pair of Adidas shoes.

That is why I decided to buy a new pair of running shoes which I hope, gonna last me more than a year. After seeking my wife's consent, I went to al-ikhsan in Dataran Pahlawan to buy my very first pair of branded running shoes. After browsing through (for almost half and hour) all the displayed shoes in the shop...I finally laid my eyes on this pair of Blue Adidas Soltec 2 running shoes. You must be asking...why I picked Adidas instead of Nike or even Reebok? Simply put, Adidas gives me that sophisticated feeling that neither Nike nor Reebok can offer.

Aww...look the 3 unmistakable strips...

My Adidas Soltec 2

Don't you think it is beautiful?


Wearing this pair lightweight athletic Adidas Soltec 2 running shoes makes both my feet feel so comfortable. Honestly my feet have never felt this good before. After I have laced up, I pound the pavement for my usual jog. The difference is so obvious. Running with Adidas Soltec 2 is like running on soft cushions. This is due to Adidas trademark adiPRENE cushioning, a shock-absorbing technology which takes in the impact when my feet land on the ground. Besides that Adidas Soltec 2 is also equipped with Torsion System which further protects both my feet especially my heel. I get double-protection with these new running shoes of mine.

The secrets lie under the shoes...

adiPRENE absorber!

Heel-protecting Torsion System!

Do you know that when we are running, our feet will be subjected to damaging impact which is 7 times of our body weight. So if you are like 60kg...your poor feet will have to endure 420kg of punishing impact! So if your pair of running shoes does not come with good shock-absorbing technology, your feet (and even   your knees) will be suffering in the long run. I am glad to know that both my precious feet are well taken care by both Adidas' adiPRENE and Torsion System.

Hopefully this pair of Adidas Soltec 2 will be with me for more than 1 year.

I hope with my new Adidas Soltec 2 I can run longer without injuring myself. Besides that I really need a pair of good shock-absorbing running shoes as my feet were injured in an accident last year. I don't want to inflict more damage to my already injury-prone feet, do I? So if you are looking to buy a new pair of running shoes, invest in one that can protect your feet. I bought this Adidas Soltec 2 of mine for only RM159 at al-ikhsan which is a steal. Let's run together folks. :)

What running shoes you are using?

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