Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Was Knocked Down By A Car Yesterday

Yesterday (29th November 2010) around 12:12p.m. I slid into my green mini-jacket, put on my helmet and off I vroom-ed away from my home. Barely 3 minutes on the road...something terribly wrong happened to me. You see I was heading for the roundabout, and that was when it happened. Yours truly me, which was on my my black horsy (motorbike) was on the left side of the road that was close to a huge drain. At the same time, a white Proton Iswara was following me very closely on my right.

I Was Knocked Down By A Car Yesterday
Yeah...I was not in the mood for photos. :p

When I was approaching a junction, I kept straight but...this white proton Inspira swerved to the left without slowing down or any signal at all. There was no way I could evade this collision at all. The Proton Inspira rammed into me and knocked me down! It seemed strange you know...while I was being hit...I could vividly see the whole motion clearly...as if I was anticipating it. Everything was being slowed down. After that, I snapped out of it and I viciously rolled on the road while watching my poor black horsy spun on the floor brutally.

I Was Knocked Down By A Car Yesterday
My right elbow.

I Was Knocked Down By A Car Yesterday
My left knee.

When my spinning body finally came to an abrupt stop...my helmet flung into the huge drain. And that was it. The damage had been done. I was in a lot of pain...and I could not stand on my feet. I was just inches away from the drain...my....what would have happened if I ended up down there? I was bleeding but I know I am lucky. Really...really lucky. Why? Because firstly I was not speeding! Then my black horsy managed to rescue me (again) by shielding me from direct impact with the Proton Inspira. Imagine what would happen to my leg if the car ram right into my right leg? It would have been crushed!

I Was Knocked Down By A Car Yesterday
My right shin.

I Was Knocked Down By A Car Yesterday
My right feet.

The driver came down and kept on apologizing. Guess what I did? I smiled at him and asked him to be more careful in the future. Thank goodness my body is really tough. No, I am not trying to show off. But I do think years of playing basketball, football, running and weight exercise has made my whole body stronger. At first I thought my right ankle was badly sprained. But it turned out that my right ankle was ok and it was swollen because it suffered a huge blow.

I Was Knocked Down By A Car Yesterday
My right ankle.

I Was Knocked Down By A Car Yesterday
It looked swollen right?

Apart from the bruises and swollen right ankle, I am doing fine. Of course my right ankle is still in a lot of pain. Well...I can't walk for these few days (or weeks) and I dreaded going to the toilet. Then again I am one damn lucky bloke. Again I wanna thank God, my ancestors, my late mother and my black horsy for saving me. I also must thank my daddy and brother for their utmost concern and care. Without all of them...I would have ended up in the hospital with my leg being plastered. Additional thanks to all my friends for your concern. Most importantly I wanna thank my wife for being there for me all the time to take care of me. Muack. :-X

I Was Knocked Down By A Car Yesterday
This is what it looked like this morning when I woke up. :/

I will never forget yesterday (29th November 2010) for it was the first time I was involved in an accident. And may it be the last one for me. :)

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