Monday, November 29, 2010

Vote For Me (Christopher) To Be The King!

If you are following me closely on Twitter, Facebook or read my would have known what had happened some time ago right? I asked you guys to watch me live on 8TV's Quickie right? Well...not in real flesh of course, but rather being announced as candidate for a contest. I waited...and waited...and waited...and they finally mentioned about name, and that's it. :/ Perhaps it was because I couldn't make it to KL. What a huge let down for me. Then again, being able to hear my own real name on TV is already good right? So thanks for the 1-second-fame on 8TV's Quickie. I should be grateful.

Vote For Me Christopher
Vote for me-Christopher

You see I am actually one of the finalists for the Nokia Socialista Contest. Now this is the time I am going to kneel down and beg you guys. *sob* I have never ever pleaded you guys do anything for me right? Perhaps now...I am going to ask your favour to vote for me. YES I am begging you guys to VOTE for me to be the King! Saw the picture above right? Click on my picture, fill in the details an validate your vote via your email.

Vote For Me Christopher
You are my only hope! :'(

My throne is in your hands folks. I have no one else to turn to but you guys out there. If you can't help me, no one else would. So please, please VOTE for me (Christopher )to be your King. I will be your good king and serve all of you. Can you make me your king please? YES? Thank you in advance from me. Haha :D I sound so desperate. Anyway here's how you can help me to be the King!

4 Simple Steps To Vote For Christopher (Me)

Vote For Me Christopher
1~Please click on my picture
Sila klik gambar saya.

Vote For Me Christopher
2~Please fill in your details (name, email and IC)
Sila isi butiran saudara dan saudari.

Vote For Me Christopher
3~Click "Submit Your Vote!" Button
Klik butang "Submit Your Vote!"
请按"Submit Your Vote!"

Vote For Me Christopher
4~Check Your Email and Validate your vote.
Cek email anda dan validasikan undian anda.

So have you done it? Don't forget to check your email to validate your votes ok. I really appreciate it. At this time of the writing I only have 2 votes. So kesian "pitiable". So I really need your help to vote for me. Please, please, please VOTE FOR CHRISTOPHER (me) to be the Nokia Socialista King. Thanks.

And last but not least...

please ask your friends to vote for me too.
sila minta bantuan rakan-rakan anda untuk mengundi saya

Thank you very much everyone. I really, really, really appreciate it for voting for me.