Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ady Putra Will Be Shah Rukh Khan's Lawyer In Don 2

Have you heard about the news? A "Malaysian" by the name of Ady Putra will be starring alongside Shah Rukh Khan in a huge-budget movie called Don 2! Bollywood? Shah Rukh Khan? This is every Malaysian's dream right? Wait...wait...actually he is not a Malaysian yet. Ady Putra is a Singaporean by birth, but he is married to a Malaysian and has made KL his bird nest right now. More importantly he will be getting his Malaysian PR soon. So technically, this means a Malaysian is going to be in a Bollywood movie soon right?

Ady Putra,Shah Rukh Khan,Bollywood,Don 2
The hunky Ady Putra.

Ady Putra actually went for a casting call handled by one of the production houses in KL. Then the hunky Ady Putra was shocked when his agent rang him up and told him that he has got the part as Shah Rukh Khan's lawyer and guess what was his reaction? "Are you sure they've got the right Ady? Wow, it was truly unexpected," Yeah...believe me. None of us expected a soon-to-be Malaysian to be given such privilege too. You are one lucky hunky Ady. :)

Ady Putra,Shah Rukh Khan,Bollywood,Don 2
Who doesn't want to star alongside Shah Rukh Khan?

This 29-year-old robust-built bloke, is famous for his bad boy roles in hit Malay movies such as Anak Halal and Histeria. Perhaps Shah Rukh Khan had watched these movies before. LOL :D So, it is confirmed that Ady will be in starring in Don 2, an action thriller, which is the sequel to 2006 Bollywood blockbuster hit Don.  Ady might also be able to meet Bollywood hotties such as Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta (not Lara Croft). Hope his wife will not get jealous. :p But first he, himself has got to beef up his body. After all it is a prerequisite in Bollywood Bodywood.

Priyanka Chopra,Ady Putra,Shah Rukh Khan,Bollywood,Don 2
Hiss! The sultry Priyanka Chopra will be in Don 2 too.

Do you know where and when Ady's part will be shot? Ok, take note of this now: Ady Putra's part will be shot on 15th and 16th of February 2011 in Sungai Udang, Melaka. Malacca? Hey, this is my hometown and Sungai Udang is just a "rock" throw away around 5 KM. LOL :D Hmm...I wonder why Shah Rukh Khan's wanted to film part of Don 2 here. Maybe it is because he was bestowed Datukship sometime ago? Ha :D So don't forget to catch Ady and more importantly Datuk Shah Rukh Khan when he comes to Malacca ok.

Ady Putra,Shah Rukh Khan,Bollywood,Don 2
Catch Ady Putra and Shah Rukh Khan shooting Don 2 in Malacca next year.