Sunday, December 4, 2011

How To Remove Nuffnang Advertisement Footer Logo

When it comes to monetizing our blogs, most Malaysians would choose the internationally renowned Google Adsense. We know very well that banking on Adsense alone won't make us much money. Moreover most of our blogs have ample of space to add in another advertisement or two right...preferably from local advertising company. One of the best local advertising company is none other than Nuffnang. But just like Adsense, Nuffnang's advertisements sometimes just DON'T SHOW UP at all! Is it a big deal for me? Yes...if its unsightly footer logo keep dangling on my blog. :/

My love-hate "relationship" with Nuffnang continues...

There are 3 different types of advertisement formats to choose from Nuffnang. We have the Skyscraper (160 x 300), the Leaderboard (728 x 90) and last but not least the huge rectangular (336 x 280). As we all have known Nuffnang's ads won't be showing up on our blogs like 24/7 right? I don't mind if my Nuffnang's ads are being dormant on my blogs. But what really irritates me is that when these Nuffnang Ads are not showing, you will be left with ONLY the ugly footer dangling on the blank space of your blogs. For someone who values perfection...I simply cannot accept this "blemish". Don't you feel the same?

I can't imagine seeing this on TOP of my blog. So ugly! :/

Recently I have moved my Leaderboard (728 x 90) Nuffnang ad to the side of my header. So when Nuffnang Ad is not showing, the UGLY Nuffnang footer logo bear its head. That is why I am hell-bent to remove these ghastly footer logo from my blog. But how can I or you do it? It's very simple actually. All of us can eliminate those unattractive footer logo in 4 simple steps. Please note that this so-called trick is only meant for Blogger Blogs. :p

How To Remove Nuffnang's Advertisement Footer Logo in 4 Simple Steps:

1~Go to your blogger dashboard-->Edit HTML.
2~Locate for "/b:skin" by using your browser on-page search feature (hit ctrl+F).
3~Then paste the following code: "#nnadsfoot img {display: none;}" right before "/b:skin".
4~Click "save" and voila those ugly footer logos are gone. Kaput!

Step Number 2.

Step Number 3

Simple right? But before you proceed, bear in mind that by doing so you might violate Nuffnang's terms and conditions, which I don't give a damn at all. Why? First of all...I am not committing click fraud and secondly...Nuffnang in the first place, should have created better advertisement which can incorporate their company logo just like how Adsense have done it. Besides...I don't think Nuffnang should leave their logo on our blog for FREE advertisement (and backlinks) when they are not showing any ads that is profiting us. What say you the other Nuffnangers? :/