Nissan Almera-The Best Family Sedan In 2013

Finally I have sat in one of the most highly rated sedan in Malaysia-Nissan Almera. I have heard so much about Almera but I had never really given it a second thought...perhaps it was not a looker? I was so wrong and Nissan Almera turned out to be a diamond in the rough. Wherever I go Nissan Almera is everywhere. The fact that Almera is the cheapest non-national 1.5-litre B Segment car in Malaysia right now, with price ranging from RM66,000 to RM79,800, has made it the darling sedan for Malaysian families. I am enticed as well!

 photo 01NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zpscd030ad4.jpg
Large headlamps and chrome front grille give Almera its sharp expression
 photo 02NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedanSportyampSmooth_zps8ed84b59.jpg
Sporty and fluid!

Nissan Almera hits the road in 3 different variations: the standard specification E, the well-equipped V and the full-specification VL. Nissan Almera has been built on the all-new global "V" (versatile) platform which uses a lightweight yet rigid body. So Nissan has upped the ante again to deliver mobility without comprising driver's and passengers' safety. As for the VL model, you will have Intelligent Key at your disposal, allowing you to lock or unlock your Almera just by touching the switch on your front door handle. Besides being endowed with Push Button Ignition, Almera VL also comes with Automatic Climate Control to keep your cold/warm and cosy. Awesome!

Nissan Almera VL comes with the following:
 photo 03NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps998c1da9.jpg
Keyless entry. Just button.

 photo 04NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zpsc2378b17.jpg
Intelligent Key with immobilizer.

 photo 05NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zpse2cf4af4.jpg
Automatic Climate Control

 photo 06NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps9828db9f.jpg
Push Button Ignition

 photo 08NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zpsf9d21e3e.jpg
Illuminated steering audio control

 photo 07NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps2a4fe6e9.jpg
Multi Information Display

 photo 07ANissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps430cc61e.jpg
All-in Audio System

Under the hood, Nissan Almera is powered by the latest 1.5-litre HR15DE four-cylinder engine featuring Continuously Variable-valve Timing Control (CVTC) which offers unbelievable excellent fuel efficiency of 14.9km/l, which I think is amazing for such a huge sedan! There are 2 front airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist, as well as ISOFIX Child Seat System for parents' peace of mind.

 photo 09NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedanEngine_zpsbd99ca2e.jpg
Almera's latest 1.5-litre HR15DE four-cylinder CVTC engine

 photo 10NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps97af6a77.jpg
Dual SRS Airbags System

 photo 11NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps54875d08.jpg
Zone Body Construction: Better at absorbing impact

Did I mention how damn spacious this Nissan Almera is? I was literally shocked to know that Nissan Almera can be designed to have such ample space for driver and passengers! The much-touted legroom is really, really spacious as claimed. That is why I think Nissan Almera is the best family sedan especially when you travel long-distances. Nissan Almera really boasts best-in-class cabin space and this alone will be one of the reasons why I would want to own it! :)

 photo 12NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zpsdc8d7c5a.jpg
Roomy: Ample Space for the whole family.

 photo 13NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zpsadf25920.jpg
Best-in-class legroom!

 photo 14NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zpsa845f49f.jpg
Adjustable armrest

 photo 15NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zpsa512838e.jpg
Storage spaces

 photo 16NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps58748b3b.jpg
At your convenient reach

 photo 18NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps443aa243.jpg
Easily store and secure your important stuff

 photo 17NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps20e4d224.jpg
Adjustable seat headrests

 photo 19NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps5f5507d8.jpg
Huge Trunk: 490 litres of space fit for 4 golf bags!

 photo 21PriceNissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps5c1749d1.jpg
Nissan Almera Prices

For more personalisation you can opt for premium accessories which include the integrated Multimedia Navigation Console with reverse camera, DVD player, iPod, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. You will even get LED kicking plate and have your seats wrapped in luxurious leather. Nissan Almera has been sold more than 500,000 units worldwide, making it one of the most desirable sedan in the world. There are 5 different flavours (colours) of Almera for you to choose from. Bronze Gold, Sapphire Black, Twilight Grey, Tungsten Silver and Brilliant White. Wow...these names are really classy aye. 

Introducing Nissan Almera

All 3 different models of Nissan Almera come with a 3-year or 100,000km warranty (whichever comes first). Honestly I can't help but feel that Nissan Almera is the best family sedan. Go and test drive one Nissan Almera right now. You will be hooked instantly, trust me! Being priced at such affordable bracket, Nissan Almera is really a boon for family who looks for comfort without burning their pockets. Certainly it is much better than both Toyota Vios and Honda City  which i think are way too exorbitant. So this year's best family sedan award goes to-Nissan Almera! :)

 photo 20NissanAlmeria-TheBestFamilySedan_zps519c2252.jpg
I would love to own a Nissan Almera



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Tekkaus | Lifestyle . Gadget . Food . Travel : Nissan Almera-The Best Family Sedan In 2013
Nissan Almera-The Best Family Sedan In 2013
Tekkaus | Lifestyle . Gadget . Food . Travel
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