Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dirds = Dog + Birds [PICS]

Didn't know that a hybrid between a dog and bird is least on photos. Ha :D Right now 'Dirds' are the Internet's hottest new hybrid animals. A 'dird' has the best qualities of a dog-expressive eyes that can make your knees weak, adorable dangling ears and slobbering mouths-with bird bodies. Apparently some people have a lot of spare time to "spare" huh. So much so that these free people with advanced computer skills (photoshop etc.) create this new hybrid Dird. Enjoy admiring the following adorable 'Dirds'. :D

 photo 01DirdsAKADogbirds_zps0c26e745.png
1-Dachshund + Robin

 photo 02DirdsAKADogbirds_zps224cd7cb.jpg
2-Bulldog + Parakeet

 photo 03DirdsAKADogbirds_zps565f227b.png
3-Pug + Chickadee

 photo 04DirdsAKADogbirds_zps711d6834.png
4-Golden Retriever + Thrush

 photo 05DirdsAKADogbirds_zpscb3dff1e.png
5-Weimaraner + Blue Jay

 photo 06DirdsAKADogbirds_zpsb05f44db.png
6-Labrador Retriever + Seagull

 photo 07DirdsAKADogbirds_zps6e8168a6.png
7-Pug + Penguin

 photo 08DirdsAKADogbirds_zpsc743cc8b.jpg
8-Pug + Hawk

 photo 09DirdsAKADogbirds_zps8aeb16f4.png
9-Scottish Terrier + Crow

 photo 10DirdsAKADogbirds_zps91e419a5.png
10-Yorkie + Junco

So which one is your favourite Dirds? I personally feel that the combination of (1) Dachshund + Robin looks really realistic. The hybrid between (9)Scottish Terrier + Crow Fancy is awesome as well. Ha :D So do you fancy having a 'Dird' as your so-called man's best friend? So far it is only possible...virtually. But who knows...perhaps in the future we have geneticists who can really create a real Dird right? Ha :D