Friday, December 6, 2013

Fortune Cookie Is Not "Chinese" After All

Even though we thought...I honestly, seriously thought that fortune cookie belongs to the Chinese. How wrong was I. Guess who made me realize about this shocking truth. It is the "Mandarin" from the Iron Man 3 movie. LOL :D At first I was doubtful of his claim. But after checking a few reliable sources, it is confirmed that Fortune Cookie is not chinese at all. Not even a little. So where does it come from?

 photo 01FortuneCookieIsNotChineseAfterAll_zps31ffed85.jpg
So this is how a Fortune Cookie look like...

Apparently Fortune Cookie was introduced by the Japanese, it was then popularized by the Chinese and ultimately it is consumed by Americans. That's really odd huh. Usually it is served during Chinese New Year and yours truly have always believed it is from China. Haha :D So why is it called "Fortune" cookie? That is because there will be a piece of paper with words of wisdom, obscure prohecy or even lottery number. Some of the lottery numbers have actually become winning numbers. Perhaps that is why it is later known as Fortune Cookie?

 photo 02FortuneCookieIsNotChineseAfterAll_zpse596e034.jpg
Let's what's inside of this Fortune Cookie...

 photo 03FortuneCookieIsNotChineseAfterAll_zpsb49cac2c.jpg
Hmm....obviously there is no lottery number...

 photo 04FortuneCookieIsNotChineseAfterAll_zps820c6591.jpg
Words of wisdom.

Next month will be a new year-2014, and that means Chinese New Year is fast approaching. I am counting down the days already. I can't wait to get my hands on some Fortune Cookies. Who knows~I might be getting some lottery numbers that will give me lots of fortune. Huatt~ar! So have you tried eating any Fortune Cookie before? :)

 photo FortuneCookieIsNotChineseAfterAllMandarinIronMan3_zpsb6a79b87.jpg
I learn something from you Mandarin. :p