Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Little Jasmine Is 2 Years Old

Time really ticks like nobody's business huh~in a blink of an eye, my little baby Jasmine is a big girl right now. Jasmine girl officially turns 2 today. Woohoo! It seems like only yesterday I was with my wife in the labour room for 8 painful hours to welcome our little daughter, fast forward and now she is 2 years old. Goodness! I am really old already huh~but I don't really care that my hair is graying (I have none) as long as both my babies are growing up healthily and happily. :)

 photo 01OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zpsd3de7dc5.jpg
Hello~little Jasmine girl.

 photo 02OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zps48ba7d01.jpg
Do you know what day is today?

 photo 03OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zps40b922ff.jpg
It is your big day Jasmine girl. :)

My wife and I had been planning how we wanna celebrate our little Jasmine's 2 years old birthday. We wanted to keep it simple yet memorable. As usual we would have cake, balloons and of course our little girl's favourite food...which is virtually anything edible. Unlike her brother, little Jasmine is not a picky eater so she could wallop almost anything that is eatable. Ha :D

 photo 04OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zpsb76d2817.jpg
Happy Birthday Jasmine girl.

 photo 06OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zps2d5c9d43.jpg
See~mommy & daddy had prepared a feast for all of us. :)

 photo 05OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zps89d9fc04.jpg
Before that must offered prayers to late Grandma. Mommy & Jasmine girl.

My wife woke up early to boils some eggs which would be painted red for little Jasmine. Customarily speaking, the the red eggs which are must have signify health, beauty and prosperity. Besides eggs, my wifey also baked some little muffins for our daughter which she enjoyed every single bite of it. Yours truly clocked out earlier from work today to hunt a delicious cake for little Jasmine. I personally love the cakes at Italy Bakery (very famous in Malacca). You have a plethora of choices and they are really finger lickin' good! :)

 photo 08OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zps9c46472c.jpg
Jasmine cutting her cake with Ah Gong's help.

 photo 07OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zps8a300bfc.jpg
Yes~you are one year older now, Jasmine girl.

 photo 09OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zps80e9dbe7.jpg
Jordan boy also wanna help to cut the cake.

 photo 10OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zpsdfec45d8.jpg
Jasmine: "So can we eat now mommy?" :p
Let the feast begin.

Thought this birthday celebration was simple, little Jasmine had a whale of a time. She knew it was her big day as well as she could be seen excitedly running around in our house, playing with balloons, happily gobbling her food and cake. We could see her happiness spreading all over her adorable face. Nothing beats seeing your beloved family happy. Daddy and mommy are proud to have you as our daughter. We love you little Jasmine~muacks. :-X

 photo 11OurLittleJasmineIs2YearsOld_zps5cf7e21d.jpg
Our precious little Jasmine.