Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Avalable Dating App For Single & Available People

Avalable (Yes! Without the "i") app is community that is built from scratch for singles and it is available on both iOS and Android. Those who have tried countless dating apps over the passing few years will rejoice for Avalable is the answer for single people to find their destined soul mate. Avalable is the dating app that we have been looking for. As we all know, we really want to get to know new people and interact with them. And that is exactly what Avalable can do for us-we can chat with people we are interested in, follow their timelines and even play games together.

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Avalable for single and available people. :)

If you think that it is difficult for you find some special to call your own, that is because you have not met the Avalable App! Avalable claims that for the past 6 months 80% of users who have signed up keep coming back. This goes to show that Avalable has been doing something right, right? Besides that, Avalable has also added a new feature for its users who have found their special someone-TAKEN. Yep! You have the option to indicate that you have been taken. Brilliant isn't it?

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With Avalable, it is easy to find like-minded people.

Avalable will send daily matches to users based on compatibility scores as well as users interaction with other users. Unique personality equations, Facebook social graphs and computer pattern recognition are employed to give users the best possible match. Just like Facebook & Line, users of Avalable can share their updates, get notified, send sticks and emoji to people whom they are interested in. Rest assured that Avalable will help you to find the love you have been searching for!

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It is easier to find your special someone.

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More social than ever.

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Interact with people you are interested in.

Guess what? In an effort create a more accessible platform for dating, Avalable will soon offer horoscope-based matching, and even social gaming. This way users can interact with compatible people better. And that translates to higher chances of finding your Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. So if you are still single and available...and have no luck in finding your love...join Avalable right now. Who knows you will be able to find your special someone on Avalable and even hear wedding bells? :)

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