Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 63rd Birthday Daddy [PICS]

A few days ago marked my old man's 63th birthday. It is really scary to know that my daddy is that old already...then again I am sure he doesn't mind as he has his 2 grandchildren playing with him every single day. Celebrating my daddy's birthday shows that he is one year wiser and happier now. In fact it is really a blessing for both old folks and their grandchildren to be living together under one roof, don't you think so? I am brought up in such happy "big" family.

 photo 01Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps55c0c606.jpg
Happy Birthday Daddy. :D

Nothing beats home-cooked meals right? That's why my wife had prepared the ingredients to cook up a delicious birthday dinner for my daddy. I really wanna salute my wife. Immediately after she returned from work around 6:30p.m., she headed to the kitchen and prepared dinner for my daddy. That was even dessert! So after around an hour our dinner was served. *drooling* I really enjoyed my wife's cooking. I think she is the best cook ever. :p

 photo 02Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps3d93d1a8.jpg
Special birthday dinner for daddy.

 photo 03Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps65615d7c.jpg
Let's dig in.

 photo 04Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps01232ed0.jpg
Flaming hot mushroom black pepper sauce.

 photo 05Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps71eb4781.jpg
Butterly rotini.

 photo 06Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps0fcb3f9e.jpg
Vegetables for a balanced diet. :p

 photo 07Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps6d9ed14d.jpg
Thank you to my queen for the dinner. :D

Both my daddy and I are rice-y people, do our dinner must include rice! He :D Besides rice, my wife also peppered chicken. Ouh~I love the black pepper mushroom soup which was outrageously flaming delicious! No meal would be complete without vegetables right? I love the addition of tomatoes, broccoli and corns. Another favourite of mine is the buttered rotini which I thought was really, really flavourful! My wife had also prepared desserts for us! :D

 photo 08Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps89ef557b.jpg
Both Jordan and Jasmine busy cutting their cake. Ha :D

 photo 09Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps608a24d7.jpg
Happy Birthday Ah Gong.

After our sumptuous feast, all of us retreated to our living room. Half an hour later, we brought out the most important food for any birthday-a birthday cake, of course. :p My daddy was brimming with joy upon seeing his birthday cake because he did not expect one after having his dinner. But what really brightened up my daddy's birthday were his 2 little grandchildren-Jordan boy and Jasmine girl. Grandpa was all smiles when he cut his cake with his two busybody grandchildren. :p

 photo 15Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps584c5eda.jpg
Jordan boy and his grandpa. :D

 photo 16Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zpsb6e5ec83.jpg
Ah Gong's little grandson.

 photo 17Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps40431681.jpg
Jordan boy giving grandpa a kiss.

 photo 11Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zpsfaea437b.jpg
Jasmine girl also wanna give grandpa a kiss.

 photo 13Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zpsb0b50939.jpg

 photo 14Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps820af813.jpg
Jasmine girl loves to bully his grandpa.

So what birthday gift did my daddy receive? So besides the delectable dinner and the surprise cake, we gave daddy a big ang pow. Ha :D Of course it meant little to him. But my wife and I believe that the biggest and greatest gift that we are giving my daddy are his 2 little grandchildren. Every single day, we could see his joy written all over his face when his grandchildren are around, playing with him. I am really happy and I feel blessed to be staying under the same roof with my daddy, wife and babies. :)

 photo 18Happy63rdBirthdayDaddy_zps08f2be4c.jpg
Our happy family.
My family is my everything. :)