Sunday, November 24, 2013

Perodua GSM Buddyz-The Long Awaited Sedan?

It seems that Perodua very first sedan is imminent! The public was teased with a hoax sedan called Perodua Jaguh a few months ago. With the unveiling of Perodua so-called global car at the recent Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show, it is obvious that Perodua knows that it has to encroach into different market segment to spearhead the company's growth. That is why Perodua's concept car-GSM Buddyz, is introduced. It's about time aye?

 photo 01PeroduaGSMBuddyz-TheLongAwaitedSedan_zps94ef9606.jpg
GSM Buddyz-Perodua's very first sedan?

GSM (Global Sedan Model) Buddyz is obviously targeted at those of digital age: young, vibrant and stylish like generation Y and Z populations. Buddyz features a low roofline and sharp, distinguished curves giving it a more aggressive appeal. One will quickly note that the frontal grill though futuristic, it does resemble Myvi a bit right? The backside of the Buddyz will leave you with mixed feelings. I personally don't think it looks cool at all. It is a bit too bland and is without any identity to say the least. In fact it reminds of of Proton Saga BLM.

 photo 02PeroduaGSMBuddyz-TheLongAwaitedSedan_zpsa040b899.jpg
The menacing front grills look really cool!

 photo 03PeroduaGSMBuddyz-TheLongAwaitedSedan_zps9c143d0a.jpg
The backside could be better.

One will be amazed once you are in the Perodua GSM Buddyz. Everything inside especially the dashboard look so darn sleek and futuristic! The tan and dark brown colour scheme of the whole layout certainly exudes a lot of class to it. The meter cluster is all digital with the speedometer resembles more like a countdown timer. The LCD mounted in the center of the dashboard is probably for the infotainment system such as GPS navigation, media player etc. Overall, Buddyz boasts quite an impressive layout.

 photo 04PeroduaGSMBuddyz-TheLongAwaitedSedan_zps2905e36c.jpg
Let's step inside shall well?

 photo 05PeroduaGSMBuddyz-TheLongAwaitedSedan_zps64e8c2c8.jpg
Very fluid design with no analog dial at all.

 photo 06PeroduaGSMBuddyz-TheLongAwaitedSedan_zps87f4fac0.jpg
Luxurious classy finish.

At the same time, Perodua also introduced its all-new aluminium engine concept dubbed 1KR. It is claimed to be Perodua's most advanced engine yet and it will be manufactured right in Malaysia. So no more engines from Daihatsu? 1KR is a 998cc Euro IV compliant engine that is based on a long stroke ratio and it is able to run quieter, burn cleaner and it is more powerful than engines in similar class. So I guess this might be introduced in GSM Buddyz as well?

 photo 07PeroduaGSMBuddyz-TheLongAwaitedSedan_zps482d2f83.jpg
1KR-the new engine that will be a game changer for Perodua?

What do you think about Perodua's concept sedan? With the threat of a drop in foreign car prices looming closer, Perodua has no choice but to step up its game to remain competitive in Malaysia. But I certainly think that this GSM Buddyz will materialize very soon given the Daihatsu/Toyota expertise that Perodua has been enjoying. I do hope that this will change the rear side of Buddyz to be more appealing. What about you? Do you like the new Perodua Buddyz?

 photo 08PeroduaGSMBuddyz-TheLongAwaitedSedan_zps3333bcf8.jpg
Do you like the design of Perodua GSM Buddyz?