Friday, October 25, 2013

The Tweeting Bra: Send Tweet When You Unclasp Your Bra

Wow...didn't know that know your undergarment could even tweet huh~behold the Tweeting Bra. I was kinda dumbfounded when I got to know about this special bra. Know even your bra can be socially active as well. I know...I know it sounds outrageously weird. Why would we want to send out tweet every time your bra is...a~hem...unclasped right? Apparently special high-tech bra which was designed by OgilvyOne Athens is part of a Nestle Fitness campaign to promote breast cancer awareness and the need for self-examinations.

 photo TweetingBra01_zps06229328.jpg
A tweet is sent every time when you unclasp you bra.

Promoted by Nestle, The Tweeting Bra uses a mechanism that connects to a smartphone via bluetooth and automatically sends a tweet every time it is unhooked. This bizarre yet unique campaign revolves around Greek actress Maria Bakodimou and will last for two weeks. It is a very brilliant way to remind girls, ladies and women about then urgent to be aware of their own body and to prevent any bad (tumour, cancer etc.) from happening. A dedicated website for this breast cancer awareness campaign includes tips for performing self-examinations and, of course, three is also a very own Twitter account for the social bra.

This could save your life.

I personally believes that Tweeting Bra will serve as a good reminder for all woman the need for self-examinations. So perhaps The Tweeting can be designed to synced with the wearer very own tweeter account so that it can be more personal? Technology can really save lives huh! Remember: Early detection can save your life. So what do you think girls, ladies and women? Would you want to have such a social bra wrapping your a~hem glorious assets? :p

 photo TweetingBra02_zpsd50958b1.jpg
So who wants a Tweeting Bra?