Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Wield Thor's Hammer-The Dark World Limited Edition Keychain

Finally I wield the power of the clamoring thunders and terrifying lightnings! Or so they say when you have Thor's hammer in your hand. I have one in my possession right now. Its shape and look are exactly like the real thing that we watch in the Thor's movies...except is smaller. Haha :D I received this unbelievable Thor Keychain in conjunction with the release of the second Thor Movie-The Dark World, which opens in all cinemas today-31st of October.

 photo ThorsHammer-TheDarkWorldLimitedEditionKeychain01_zps60f25707.jpg
My new Thor Hammer!

Of course you gotta hurry if you wanna wield this mountain-crushing hammer for it is a limited edition merchandise that GSC is selling right now. In fact it has been selling since the 24th of I doubt if there is still any left. You can own this awesome Limited Edition Thor The Dark World Hammer Keychain for only RM2 when you buy GSC Combo 3 or large Signature Combo 1. It feels really "heavy" (relatively speaking) for it size. One can't help but feels how solid the hammer is. It seems that the hammer has been made of high-quality material. :D

 photo ThorsHammer-TheDarkWorldLimitedEditionKeychainPoster_zps535ac1e2.jpg

 photo ThorsHammer-TheDarkWorldLimitedEditionKeychain02_zps9d4dd1f2.jpg
A miniature hammer of Thor.

 photo ThorsHammer-TheDarkWorldLimitedEditionKeychain03_zps0e37a2de.jpg
GSC has really done it again with this unique merchandise.

 photo ThorsHammer-TheDarkWorldLimitedEditionKeychain04_zps43724bbf.jpg
Now I can strike lightnings to those who defy me!

Interestingly, Thor's hammer in the shape of different pendants have frequently been excavated in Viking Age Scandinavian burials. It is believed that Thor's hammer can provide its wearer protection from everything. right now I can get extra protection whenever I carry around my Thor's keychain. I am virtually invulnerable right now. So don't mess with me unless you wanna get lightning-struk. :p Speaking of which...Thor-The Dark World releases today. Don't miss it. :)

I am so going to watch Thor: The Dark World!