Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My New Manchester United Jersey

As a true Red Devil, one must have a jersey that he can don on while watching his favourite team duel on the pitch for 90 minutes. Knowing that I am a Manchester United fan, my wifey has sneakily bought me a new Manchester United jersey. I didn't know about this surprise until I was almost off to bed. My brand new "bloody" red jersey was hidden under my pillow, so I won't miss it at all. I must say that wife is pretty good at throwing me surprises. Ha :D

 photo ManchesterUnitedJersey2_zpsae5797e4.jpg
Yay! My new Manchester United jersey. :D

What I love about this new Manchester United jersey of about everything? But most of all I am impressed that my wife knows how to get the perfect size of jersey for me. She really knows every part of my body very well huh! *pun intended* :p It really fits me well and I feel very confident donning in. Looking at the man in the mirror, it does feel like I am a Manchester United player. If only I really could huh...

 photo ManchesterUnitedJersey3_zps7f59213e.jpg
See, it fits me well. :D

The "breathable" Manchester United jersey is not only perfect for my futsal sparring sessions, it can also double up as a attractive casual wear. Yupe! Besides putting it on to kick some balls, yours truly feel confident wearing my new jersey while dating with my wifey. LOL :D Most of all~it makes me feel like proud bloody Red Devil! Arrgghhh! I wanna thank my beloved wife for taking all the trouble to hunt this Manchester United jersey for me. I love you. Muacks~:-X

 photo ManchesterUnitedJersey1_zps0d7c68c7.jpg
Glory~glory~Man United!