Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Real Muslims Know "Allah" Does Not Belong To Them Alone

It's a shame to note that some quarters in Malaysia has gone overboard to claim that the term "Allah" belongs to them exclusively. It is ridiculous to know that the court of appeal has ruled that the term "Allah" cannot be used by non-muslim at all! It is really saddening (or as expected) that the Malaysian government led by the rather ignorant Najib, actually prohibited The Herald-a Catholic Newspaper, from using the term Allah. The fact is the word ALLAH ORIGINATES FROM ARAB...and how can some of the ignorant Malaysians claimed it to be theirs in the first place? So real Muslims understand this! This is really a humiliation to the religion itself.

 photo RealMuslimsKnowAllahDoesNotBelongToThemAlone_zpse00706af.jpg
Do they even know the origin of the term-"Allah"?

I remembered that I used to study about the Muslim civilization in my first year of university...so I had a committed a heinous crime by reading the term "Allah" several hundred times to prepare for my exams? That is ridiculous right? In fact...Malaysia is now being ridiculed by the whole world (especially from the Muslim countries) for banning the use of the term "Allah" for non-muslim. The decision is self-defeating and it reflects how fragile and vulnerable some Malaysians can be. The truth is...the Malaysians who championed the banning of the term Allah to be used by non-Muslim shows that they lack faith in their own religion. These silly Malaysians are making a fool of themselves and shows how shallow they are intellectually! *sigh*

Correct me if I am wrong, but I strongly believe that Islam is a pure religion which does not need any protection at all...especially from those insecure so-called preachers who "abused" the name of Allah for their very own personal gains...as shown in Malaysia. They wrongfully exploit their religion to show that they are religious...but it actually depicts how witless some of them are. Look at Ibrahim Ali...he keeps on harping on this issue just to get himself some cheap publicity to show he is fighting for something. Even Indonesia who has the most population of Muslims in the world does not claim "Allah" belongs to Muslims only.

Let's look at how the other countries reacted to the banning of "Allah" in Malaysia for non-muslim:

1~TURKEY: "...those who advance such ideas of a "Muslim copyright for 'Allah' do nothing but reveal the burning lack of self-confidence among Muslims". --Mustafa Akyol, columnist, Turkish Daily Hurriyet Daily News.

2~PAKISTAN: "The problem with practicing Muslims today is that they treat Islam like an insecure entity that needs care, due attention and a special shelter lest it gets smeared and nullified. The recent example of this attitude is displayed in Malaysia where the government has gone so far as proscribing the Christians from using Allah as their God's name." --Mufti Abdul Aziz al Sheikh, in his commentary in Daily Times, Pakistan.

3~AUSTRALIA: "This is instead about an old guard of Malays (who are officially always Muslims) confronting the fact the privileged position they've held for the first 50 years of Malaysian independence simply can't hold for the next 50. Now they are lashing out, as if trying to resist the death throes of their own supremacy." --Waleed Aly, The Age columnist.

4~UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: "The word 'Allah' is never exclusive to Islam - indeed, both Christians and Jews used the word 'Allah' to refer to God even before the coming of Islam." --Editorial, The National, an United Arab Emirates Newspaper, 14th October 2013.

5~INDONESIA: "No one who believes in the power of one supreme God can really claim exclusivity. There is no such thing as the God for Catholics, just as there is no such thing as the God or Allah for Muslims...Those who claim exclusivity to God undermine their own faith, inadvertently or not, preach polytheism." Endy M Bayuni, senior editor, Jakarta Post, 16th October 2013.

6~UNITED KINGDOM: "But the ban is less about religion than about putting non-Malay minorities is their place, subordinating their status to that of Muslims, the majority population...it is...a cynical, politically motivated ban." Nesrine Malik, Sudanese-born writer, theguardian.com, 16th October 2013.

Isn't it obvious that the whole banning of the term "Allah" is unnecessarily ridiculous. Everyone who is enlightened knows about it, especially real Muslims who know that their religion is strong enough to stand on Its own. The whole world KNOWS what is going on in Malaysia and they know how draconian the Najib-led Malaysian government is. The banning of the term Allah which never belongs to them in the first place, goes to show how wicked some evil Malaysians are-just to fulfill their own personal agenda. I can't help but feel that there is a hint of discrimination going on in this whole issue...and I thought all religions preached the same thing-EQUALITY. I' wonder if Najib is condoning this as he has done little to talk about it. Please enlighten me, Mr Prime Minister of ALL Malaysians!