Monday, September 9, 2013

My Birthday Dinner & Gifts: Thanks Wifey

Reminder: It's not my birthday (anymore) so you don't have to wish me. This is a long OVERDUED post. T_T My bad...

Yours truly birthday was like more than 3 months ago and yeah...I know it is a bit too late for me to write about it, right? Nope~it is never too late for anything. LOL :D So three months ago, it was getting late that evening and I was not expecting any surprises from my wifey because usually she was very busy and it would be nearly impossible for her to "ambush" me with any surprise right under my nose. Then again, that was exactly what happened. My beloved wife threw me a surprise birthday bash! :)

 photo 01MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zpsccfec510.jpg
My black pepper chicken with corns and red bean. Yum! Yum!

When I reached home on that day, I had a nap because I were exhausted. As usual, when I woke up my wife told me that dinner was ready to be served. When I walked to the dining table I was surprised to see a scrumptious feast awaiting me. My wife had actually cooked black pepper chicken for my birthday. There were also sweet corns and huge red beans. Best of all my wife had also made black pepper mushroom sauce to go together with my main course. Yum! Yum!

 photo 02MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zps428e4436.jpg
Black pepper mushroom soup... *drooling*

 photo 03MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zpsfd436018.jpg
Jelly dessert~sweetness overload! :p

 photo 04MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zps5230f4cc.jpg
Chocolate lava! :D

After savouring my delectable dinner, yours truly who was very satisfied continued with my paperwork on laptop. That was when my wife threw me another surprise. She made me a special dessert-creamy chocolate ice cream with coffee waffer. Goodness~it had gotta be one of the best desserts ever! After walloping my chocolatey dessert, I went to the living room to watch prime time news. Then suddenly the lights went off and there was my wife holding my birthday cake with lights candles on top! Aww...after so many years, she is still very, very romantic! :)

 photo 05MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zpseb3914e5.jpg
A lovely birthday cake from my wife. :)

Besides the wonderful cake, wifey also had a birthday "bag" for me. Inside this adorable "beary" bag, there are 3 very important gifts that really warms my heart. The first one that I reached for was my wife's handmade birthday card. I have always loved cards that my wife make for me. It is 1 million times better than those sold by Memory Lane. The second gift that my bought for me is a chequered shirt. No one knows me better than my wife. I love the design and it suits every single inch of my body so well. :D

 photo 06MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zps88fe3797.jpg
I'm one year older now.

 photo 07MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zps8a579f29.jpg
So who wants my cake?

 photo 08MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zpse55ad5d8.jpg
It's good to be older. It only shows that you are wiser. :D

Last but not least, is of course the most important gift of all-memories. No gift is as important as memories that remind you of your beloved ones, and the photo frame that my wife got for me is certainly priceless. There they are, photos of me and my wife (on the left) and my 2 little angels. I am putting this very important photo frame on my working desk to remind me every day how lucky I am to have a beloved wife and 2 babies that are always there to support me! These 2 photos are the best gifts ever! Thank you wifey!

 photo 09MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zps0fb27018.jpg
My birthday gifts. :)

 photo 10MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zps20020e88.jpg
My wife cute handmade card. Ha :D

 photo 11MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zps83426330.jpg
Priceless...our photos. :D

 photo 12MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zps88b1e9fe.jpg
I love my new shirt. :D

 photo 13MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zps741184f0.jpg
So does it fit me?

It was certainly a birthday bash that I would remember for the rest of my life. I wanna thank my wife for doing so much for me despite being really, really busy. Thanks for the black pepper meal, chocolatey desserts, lovely cake, birthday card, new shirt, photos and most importantly thanks for being my soul mate. You are my best birthday gift every single year! I love you sweetie. Muack~:-x

 photo 14MyBirthdayDinnerampGiftsThanksWifey_zpsc5ffea39.jpg
It is a blessing to grow old with the people you love. :)