Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pokka Premium Milk Coffee-Have You Tried It?

Coffee can sometimes be relatively expensive. *Ring any bell?* This is really true for a poverty-stricken guy like me. So it is quite expensive for me to feed my addiction from time to time especially when it comes to satiating my lust for chilled coffee. My usual shots of cold caffeine comes in the form of cans. But recently I have discovered frosty coffee in a different reincarnation-introducing Pokka Premium Milk Coffee, in a bottle. 500ml to be precise.

 photo 01PokkaPremiumMilkCoffee_zps38afa2f4.jpg
Pokka Premium Milk Coffee!

I am quite accustomed to this blend of milk coffee as I have been drinking Pokka Coffee (cans) for quite some time. When I saw it, I couldn't believe my eyes as you doesn't usually come bottled right? So it was really an awesome surprise. I immediately took one out from the freezer and bought one to quench my sudden thirst for caffeine. Goodness~right from the first seep, I knew that it was an awesome coffee discovery.

 photo 02PokkaPremiumMilkCoffee_zpsa43d852c.jpg
Have you tried it before?

 photo 03PokkaPremiumMilkCoffee_zps9f6e04c9.jpg
Looks good~

 photo 04PokkaPremiumMilkCoffee_zpsfd1fa63c.jpg
I love Pokka Coffee!

Now...I can't really tell what makes me so in love with Pokka Premium Milk Coffee. Is it because of the blend? is smooth, strong and yet a bit creamy. Then again probably it is because I had never drunk chilled coffee of this "size" outside of Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Moreover, Pokka has priced their Premium Milk Coffee at a ridiculously (relatively speaking) low price of RM3.50 for 500ml. Cheap right? At least to me.

 photo 05PokkaPremiumMilkCoffee_zps26d04e6e.jpg
You must try it!

They say good things are hard to come by...and unfortunately the same can be said about this new coffee discovery of mine. It seems that my addiction for it cannot be fulfilled often because Pokka Premium Milk Coffee is very RARE! Yes! It is difficult to find it. So far I am only able to purchase it in one convenient store in Malacca. The worst part is...they will only be around for a few days and voila you have to wait for weeks for new stocks to arrive. But like the saying goes....nothing worthwhile comes I will wait for the next batch of Pokka Premium Milk Coffee.