Monday, September 9, 2013

Mustek DockingScan-The Scanner For Your iPads

In my every day work, I use scanner fairly a lot when I need to "capture" documents for use. The conventional scanner that I have in my company is not only cumbersome, but also very rigid. Before this I thought all scanners are the same boring, uninspiring flatbed until I meet Mustek scanner made specifically for iPads! Introducing the unbelievable Mustek DockingScan for all generations of iPads (from 1st to the third reincarnation). Surely a lot of naysayers and skeptics will be saying, "Scanner for you iPad?" The tone of disbelief fills the air...I was equally doubtful as well...

 photo 01MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zpsc612c495.jpg
My new scanner-DockingScan for iPad!

 photo 02MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zpsd4660c7d.jpg
So does this DockingScan look like?

 photo 04MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zpse37f7bc1.jpg
It certainly doesn't look like your ordinary scanner right?

 photo 05MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zps4787aad6.jpg
Power button. I love the design.

 photo 06MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zpse8a1db46.jpg
So metallic-ally classy!

I thought it was somewhat "redundant" for your iPad to have a scanner. How wrong was I when I started to have one. The moment I plug my iPad onto Mustek DockingScan, I knew immediately that it was the most awesome scanner I have ever used! Besides scanning photos and documents, Mustek DockingScan can also triple up a a docking cradle and charging station. So basically it is a 3-in-1 gadget! It is really a head-mover mind you. My DockingScan is an elegant white small candybar that exudes so much class to it, especially its round metallic edges.

 photo 08MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zps92d714c4.jpg
Once you have downloaded the i-Scan App you can start scanning!

 photo 09MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zpse6e5c84f.jpg
Just dock your iPad into the DockingScan.

 photo 10MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zpsc9aeb790.jpg
Click on the i-Scan app and voila you can start scanning.

Before you can use the scanner, you need to install the i-Scan app in Apple Store. Once installed you can start to enjoy scanning virtually anything that can go "inside" the DockingScan. Ha :D Now apart from being aesthetically pleasing, Mustek DockingScan is surprisingly very, very pragmatic. It does its job like magic. I have never ever used such an intuitive scanner and this DockingScan really makes scanning fun, enjoyable and not to mention...classy! Yes. I just pop in a photo that I wanna scan, the photo will be pulled in and voila instantaneously it is being scanned in real-time! Do watch the videos included!

 photo 11MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zps9c4931dd.jpg
Feed the DockingScan what you want it to scan.

 photo 12MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zpseb4effc8.jpg
Watch how your scanning is being done "LIVE"!

 photo 13MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zps26398128.jpg
Cool aye!

Watch how I scan the document in 3 simple steps.

Mustek DockingScan can quickly scan your documents and photos into JPEG files and save them directly to your iPad. Easy~peasy! It is capable of full colour scanning up to legal size (8.5" x 14") at 300dpi. Like I have mentioned earlier, one of the coolest features about DockingScan is its real-time preview the moment you pop in a document or a photo. It really can't get any better than this. I think one of the most important reasons why I am so in love with DockingScan is because of its ultra simple and interactive user interface. It only takes you 3 "touches" to scan anything. Awesome right?

 photo 14MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zps29139950.jpg
I love the fact that DockingScan can scan all my photos effortlessly.

 photo 15MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zps09aa76fe.jpg

 photo 16MustekDockingScan-TheScannerForYouriPads_zps6ec4ac87.jpg
It's time to start "archiving" my family photos.

I am so in love with my DockingScan! 5-star rating from me :D

I have even brought my new scanner to my office for my own personal use because it is portable and lightweight. Of course I could not escape my colleagues envious stares. Ha :D Likewise, I have always wanted to scan all my old photos to back them up for future viewing, you preserve the film photos that my family snapped decades ago. I can't believe that Mustek DockingScan is finally making this wish of mine come true. I have thousands of old photos to be digitalized and my new DockingScan is making the "transition" a lot of simpler and fun. Who says scanning is boring. Haha :D

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